For many parents, trendy pieces and hot decor ideas might sound nice, but they feel unrealistic or impossible to add to their homes. Most homes are not designed with kids in mind, but maybe more should be. These 6 ideas are a great way to turn your home into a kid-friendly space that you will love too!

Here are our top six tips for making your home more kid-friendly. 

1. Become a kid:

Sit on the floor of each room of the house to put yourself at exactly the same eye-level as them. Ask yourself: “What can I see that either precious or easily breakable?” “What objects could be of potential danger to the child?” Where possible, remove all those potentially hazardous items and put them out of reach of little hands. By doing this you make the rooms safer and will spend less time hearing yourself say, “Don’t touch!”

2. Fences are your friends:

Most parents will own at least one baby gate, if only for the stairs. It’s a good idea to have two or even three as they’re also very useful for doorways, making sure that a toddler doesn’t wander off whilst you’re distracted for a minute or two. 

3. Add outdoor fun to encourage kids playing outside:

While you contemplate what to add to your backyard this spring, consider adding this kid-friendly feature all by yourself. A small backyard sandbox isn’t only a totally doable DIY, it’s a great upgrade for your outdoor area. Say hello to many happy summer days spend building castles and digging to China.

4. Lower towel hooks or bring step stools into the bathroom:

Rid your home of damp towels left on the floor and general bathroom mess, by turning your a bathroom into a kid-conscious space. Simple adjustments, like a stepping stool by the toilet and low hanging towel hooks, are all it takes to make your child comfortable in the bathroom. 

5. Sort your Sockets:

Sockets and power points are ubiquitous features of homes. Unfortunately, they’re almost always placed at just the right level for a curious baby or toddler to investigate them. Get child socket safety covers – they’re cheap, easy to use and can be applied to sockets throughout the house.

6. Electrical appliances:

It would be impractical to unplug and stow away cables of every single lamp, CD player or radio in the house. However, make sure you switch off these appliances at the socket when they aren’t in use, so that if kids end up taking a fall, at least they aren’t connected to the main electric supply.

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