Being the hub of business and economic activities in the Middle East, a huge number of people visit the UAE every year to find a job or start their business. The tax-free environment, coupled with conveniences and luxuries it offers, make it an attractive place for everyone. Since not many people can afford to buy property in the UAE, their ultimate resort is to rent a living space.

When it comes to renting in the UAE, it is extremely important to follow requirements as levied by the authorities. Whether you are looking for apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi or villas in Dubai, you can’t start the process if you don’t meet the basic criteria.

A vital part of this criteria is to have necessary documents with you. These include:

  •       Copy of passport
  •       Copy of residence visa
  •       Coy of Emirates ID
  •       Security Deposit Cheque. This is refundable and charged at 5% of the yearly rental amount (10% if the property is furnished).
  •       Agency fee cheque

While all of these documents hold equal importance, you certainly can’t get an apartment, villa or house for rent, if you don’t possess a residence visa. It serves as proof that you are residing in the UAE legally. This visa is valid for a particular period of time and is meant to be renewed/extended once it has expired. Failing to do so can land you in great troubles. Among them, the most prominent one is that your landlord may ask you to free their property.

At the time of signing the rental agreement, landlords tend to analyse the residence visa and check its expiration date. If the date is nearing, they will ask you to get it renewed as soon as possible. If, due to any reason, you were unable to get it renewed or extended, your landlord has the right to ask you to vacate the house or flat for rent you are currently residing in. So to answer the question, “if my visa expires, can I still live in a rental apartment in the UAE?” is no, you can’t. It is one of the basic requirements for every individual who wants to live in the UAE.

The crux here is that if you want to live in the UAE without facing any hassle or any legal trouble, get your residence visa extended at the right time. Otherwise, you may be asked to vacate the property and face accommodation issues in the country, no matter which emirate you live in.

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