When we think about living in the UAE, most people visualise ultra-luxury residences set amidst sky-touching structures with every amenity available at their doorstep. It’s a common assumption that people in the UAE live an urban lifestyle. However, little do they realise is that the lifestyle in this country can vary a lot from emirate to emirate.

Take, for example, Dubai and Sharjah. The former is known as the city of gold while the latter has been given the title of the cultural capital of the country. Both are popular emirates in the UAE that have tourists from across the globe visiting them in huge numbers every year. Yet, the way of living is a lot different in these emirates. Wondering how? Take a look:

Comparatively Lower Living Cost

One of the major differences between Dubai and Sharjah is that you’ll find the cost of living to be considerably lower in the latter. As per data from “numbeo.com”, the rent for a 1-bedroom apartment near the central city is AED 2,506.05 and 5,825.00 in Dubai and Sharjah respectively. Simply put, property for rent in Sharjah is more affordable. This clearly illustrates the difference in living cost.

Other than that, basic daily use items in Dubai are also expensive as compared to Sharjah. This is why a lot of people prefer staying in Sharjah.

Sharjah is Relatively Quiet

High population, more visitors and an active lifestyle. These are some of the reasons why life in Dubai is more quick-paced and busy. On the other hand, life in Sharjah is relatively quiet and easy-going. Compared to Dubai, the population in Sharjah is on the lower side. And expats form a major chunk of its total population. This impacts the traffic condition as well.

Sharjah is More Conservative

If you’re moving from Dubai to Sharjah, you may face some troubles adjusting initially, as this emirate is more conservative in nature. There are some strict laws and regulations pertaining to appropriate dressing and PDA in this emirate. Furthermore, the nightlife options are limited.

Sharjawis Live in Old Residential Buildings

Most residential buildings in Sharjah are old. This doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of living. Due to their conventional look and design, they have an old-world charm to them. Although most modern amenities that are available in Dubai are missing in residential buildings in Sharjah, Sharjawis prefer living in them as these buildings have spacious residences.

Having said that, new projects are launched by top developers in this emirate. They are laced with modern amenities and facilities, making them on par with the ones available in Dubai.

Life is Convenient in Sharjah

Despite the fact that most residential buildings do not have modern amenities, life is still very convenient in Sharjah. This is due to the fact that essentials are located conveniently for residents.

You can easily find quality shopping malls, educational centres, health care facilities, supermarkets, restaurants and family recreational spots. They are conveniently located and well within reach of residents. So, they do not have to travel a lot to get their basic needs fulfilled. If they wish to get entertained with their family in one of the top recreational centres in the emirate.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, both Dubai and Sharjah have their own charm. The former is known to deliver the best amenities while the latter provides the perfect accommodation options for those who don’t want to break their bank. So, you can’t say living in a particular emirate is better than the other since it totally depends on individual needs, budget and requirements.

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