Every human envisions investing in their dream home and working all their prime years towards achieving this goal. However, simply securing and investing in a house is not all, there is more to it. And that starts once the process completes and you have moved in.

The homeowners treat their new house as a little baby and caring for its needs so that it continues to deliver the shelter, its prime motive, to those dwelling in it. With a lot of tasks in place, one can easily feel overwhelmed.

With these home maintenance tips, one can easily navigate their home’s seasonal updates for easy living. Read ahead to know more:

  1. Improve the Appearance of Your Lawn

This tip is more suitable for those who own a villa in Dubai that comes with a lawn. When initiating the home maintenance, start with improving the appearance of your lawn. When someone looks at your house, the exterior catches their first look and creates a lasting impression. 

Improve the Appearance of Your Lawn

Raking the leaves, fixing the hedges, eliminating weeds, turning on the faucets, renewing the lawn care and arborists contracts, and sharpening the blades of lawnmowers will help keep the green landscape in order.

  1. A Look on the Outside

Next up, try to take a walk around the house and inspect thoroughly. Look for any signs of cracks in the concrete, driveways, shingles, ceilings, pools, and even the gutters. One small neglect can cost you the firm foundations of the property, weakening its structure and value altogether. That too, when Dubai property market is expected to showcase an impeccable growth rate of 2.5% for 2022 to 2023!

Moreover, painting the interior and exterior works to keep the aesthetics in place. If you sight peel-offs or chippings, make sure to give these patches a quick paint quote. Painting the exterior adds curb appeal and also keeps your house safe from wood rot and moisture altogether. These additional home maintenance tips keep the surface neat and safe from ever-changing weather changes.

  1. Time for an Indoor Clean-up

The house indoors warmly welcomes you whenever you enter your home. The comfy and cosy environment helps you shed off the weight, stress, and pressures of your routine, while allowing you to replenish the lost energies. The varying temperature levels means you have to keep your HVAC up-to-date for central heating and cooling systems.

Similarly, plumbing lines should be thoroughly checked too. You would not want any pipe or drainage line to start leaking, resulting in stains on the ceilings and walls to keep it in place. Moreover, clean and functional chimneys will keep the unwanted smoke away, making the indoor air safe for respiration.

  1. Smoke Alarms

Investing in a smoke alarm turns out to be a smart investment and home maintenance tip. They can send the alarm buzzing long before the damage gets out of control. These are small devices and mostly stick to the ceiling. A cloud of slightly more smoke is in place and it sends for the firefighters. Isn’t that a timely call for safety?

  1. Eliminate the Humidity

Higher levels of humidity can cause adversarial effects on our health and body. One may feel lethargic, hyperthermia, or simply low levels of energy. These varying levels of humidity are constantly present around us, at all times, and with excessive temperatures, the humidity levels can grow up.

As a homeowner, it is important to dehumidify the house and keep the levels between 40% to 60%. At these levels, the atmosphere is kept safe from the moisture-loving dust mites and molds are kept away.

  1. Ding-Dong, Is Your Bell Ringing?

One of the many concerns of many people is that the doorbell is broken. Not only does this send a negative signal to those coming in, but also the future buyers. This may look like a small tweak but amounts on to become an additional hassle.

Nevertheless, the doorbell being the first call-to-action, when not working can keep the guests waiting. So why lose the score of your hospitality. Timely fixing it will eliminate the waiting time of standing out for someone to open the door and add on to give a warm welcome. All while adding another green tick on your to-do list of home maintenance tips.

  1. Check for the Water Consumption

Many house owners are laymen, with little knowledge of how to keep a check on the water drainage system. They are not even able to sight a water problem, until a big stain appears, or even worse, water starts to drip.

For them, here is a quick, yet superbly effective home maintenance tip that will save them big bucks- keep a track of your water consumption. Simply make it a habit of reading your water bills so you know how much water is being used. In case of any fluctuation, you will know where the excess is going, long before the big water stain emerges anywhere.

  1. Don’t Forget the Roof

Try asking the homeowner for the most dreadful task they can even think of. And you won’t be surprised if they pinpoint the roof. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on the roof and carry out any maintenance activity before the weather becomes extreme.

Moreover, implementing such home maintenance tips will help increase the lifespan of your house and even improve the internal heating and cooling for optimal efficiency, while preventing any sorts of leakages.

  1. Consistent Power Supply

Power supplies are crucially important to keep everything working fine. One can hardly think of any appliance that can work without a power supply. In its absence, one will face hurdles and even a power blackout.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that all power lines are working perfectly fine. If there is some problem, try hiring an electrician and fixing it right away. These timely home maintenance tips won’t even cost you that much, but, will definitely save you from making a hole in your pocket.

The Takeaway

Now it’s time to get to work. At first, incorporating these home maintenance tips may appear to be an avalanche of tasks, but remember that you don’t have to complete everything in one day. Create a spreadsheet of tasks to accomplish and work your way through it. The idea is to not wait until there is a problem before taking action.

When it comes to house upkeep, a little forethought goes a long way to keep your property safe and value intact, so you can also benefit from the ever-glorious property market of Dubai!

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