Dubai has always been the center of attraction for tourists around the globe. Even amid the coronavirus pandemic the construction of the $5bn mega-project ‘Heart of Europe’ is in full swing. This grand project by Kleindienst Group will bring the best of Europe to Dubai. This project comprises 6 islands that will bring the true essence of Europe to the Emirates on Dubai’s World Islands.

Previously, in 2001, the Palm Jumeirah project became the main attraction that helped in attracting more tourists to the UAE. Travelers from all around the world wanted to stay on this palm-shaped luxurious island full of grandiose hotels, shopping malls. However, to avoid any problems one should make a booking for the luxurious hotel rooms, and apartments in Palm Jumeirah beforehand.

The Heart of Europe project is going to be operational by the end of this year and will attract tons of tourists. The main plan of Kleindienst Group is to make at-least phase-1 of the Heart of Europe operational by October 2020. The first phase of Heart of Europe will consist of three islands and Portofino’s five-star hotel on the main island. These islands include Sweden, island of Bauhaus (Germany) & honeymoon islands on St. Petersburg Island along with floating Seahorse Villas.

The developers of this mega project are of the view that the ongoing ‘isolation’ will attract more people. The desire to get isolated from the rest of the world will serve as a source of interest in these far-flung villas. Especially with the first homeowners moving-in this year, it is bound to get the necessary attention.

Kleindienst Group’s plan to launch the first phase by October is because of the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020. As of now, the Expo 2020 Dubai is going to take place in 2021 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Each year Dubai gets nearly 15 million visitors and with the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, this number is going to increase immensely. Dubai is among the top cities in the world with most international visitor spending.

Some of the amazing attractions on these breathtaking Europe inspired islands in UAE include Sweden Beach Palaces, Island of Bauhaus. The Sweden Beach Palaces include different Spas and restaurants depicting the true essence, culture & cuisine of Sweden. The representation of Germany with all of its carnivals, festivals & Christmas markets is on the lagoon-inspired island of Bauhaus.

Another major attraction is going to be the heart-shaped Seahorse Floating Villas with underwater bedrooms on St. Petersburg Island. These floating villas are going to be a dream getaway for Honeymooners where they can enjoy a romantic time in seclusion. There are 78 floating Seahorse Villas The views from these Bedrooms will be mesmerizing that the occupants will be able to enjoy. The views of pristine sands, crystal clear water, and an air of intimacy and romance are what occupants will enjoy.

Other noteworthy places to visit on astonishing these islands are. The Underwater resort on Venice Islands, famous wooden chalets of Switzerland, and the world-renowned Portofino’s five-star hotel exclusively for families.

Image Source: THOEDubai

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