So you’ve been thinking about getting yourself a furry companion. That’s excellent! Pets are great for you. They can reduce stress levels in humans, provide companionship and prevent loneliness, and provide an endless amount of entertainment. But while we could all use a four-legged buddy in our lives, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting a pet in the UAE.

What sort of pet should you get?

This truly depends on a multitude of factors, such as allergies, the size of your apartment, the amount of time you can dedicate to your pet and, most importantly, what sort of pet you want. Not every animal may suit you, so put a lot of thought into it before adopting a pet. A pet should never be an impulse buy. One important factor to keep in mind is how long you plan to stay in the UAE and, if you leave, how you plan on taking your pets with you. Pet relocation can be expensive, a fact that unfortunately leads to hundreds of pets being abandoned every year.

Factors to keep in mind

When one thinks of a pet, a cat or a dog is usually what comes to mind first. Although these lovable furballs can be quite entertaining and loyal friends, they are high maintenance animals (comparatively) and require quite a lot of your time and attention, as well as space. But pet lovers caught up in the busy city life needn’t despair as there are several smaller critters that can make lovely, low maintenance pets.


Consider domesticated rodents such as hamsters, gerbils and chinchillas. Friendly, quiet, and ridiculously entertaining, they make great pets for children and adults alike.

Goldfish, and fish in general, are also popular pets in the UAE due to their affordable nature. They may seem dull in comparison to the other pets on this list, but they can be surprisingly loyal pets. Several fish have been known to recognize their owners and some have even been trained to perform tricks! Plus a well done aquarium can be a beautiful addition to any home.

Birds also make for good, if noisy, pets. Parrots, parakeets, finches, and mynahs are all quite popular pets and there is a large community of avian enthusiasts in the country who are more than happy to help new bird owners. Birds can be rewarding pets who form lifelong bonds with their owners.

Where to look for?

If you still have your heart set on a cat or a dog, consider adopting over buying one from a pet store. Abandoned animals deserve a second chance at a loving home. Organizations such as K9 Friends and Feline Friends could help you find the perfect match.

Whatever animal you choose to bring into your home, be assured it will provide you with years of happiness, friendship and love.

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