Expo 2020 Dubai surpassed all expectations, as it welcomed around 1.5 million visitors in only the initial 24 days. This says a lot about the popularity of this world fair that’s attracting people from across the globe. And it’s just the start! The event scheduled to last for six months is expected to touch the 25 million mark by the time it concludes. Taking into account the ongoing trend, it’s safe to say the total visits will exceed these anticipated numbers.

The marquee event has a lot in store for visitors, from music performances to infotainment shows and visitors can collect souvenirs and mementoes as well. Among these mementoes, the Expo passport deserves a special mention. Let’s find out everything about this unique document:

What is the Expo 2020 Passport?

Designed to honour the golden jubilee year of the UAE, Expo 2020 passport is basically a 50-page booklet for the visitors of this global fair. It is given the name of passport as visitors can keep track of every pavilion they visit during this event.

It is to be noted that this passport is only a memento. You can visit all the thematic pavilions of the world fair even if you do not possess it. However, having this booklet will allow you to track your journey as you go out and about exploring this marquee event.

Here’s what this passport contains:

  • A gold-foil stamped page. It has a photograph of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the country. The photograph was taken in 1971.
  • Pictures and plans of the three pavilions:
    • Alif – The Mobility Pavilion
    • Mission Impossible – The Opportunity Pavilion
    • Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion
  • Several photos of Dubai’s magnificent skyline and world-famous landmarks.
  • A special stamp designed exclusively for the 50th anniversary of the country,
  • A unique number for every passport holder.
  • Space for the holder’s passport size image.
  • Personal information of the holder.

Other than the aforementioned components, this unique passport contains interactive maps of the expo site. There are blank pages designed to hold stamps of different pavilions, serving as a memento that you visited the particular pavilion.

How to Get Expo 2020 Passport?

Expo 2020 passport can be purchased both online and offline. There are many official outlets located around the Expo 2020 Dubai site from where you can get this passport. Furthermore, you can also buy at the Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport.

Those who want to buy it online can visit the official expo website. It is also available on the Amazon store. The passport costs AED 20 only.

How to Get Your Passport Stamped?

The process to get your passport stamped at any pavilion is quite easy. Simply show your passport to the authorities present there while leaving the pavilion, and they will happily stamp it for you.

Can This Passport Be Used to Enter the Expo 2020 Site?

No, it’s just a souvenir that celebrates the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai, the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East region. You cannot use it to enter the Expo 2020 site. A valid ticket or season pass is required for this purpose.  

There you have it! That’s all about the Expo 2020 passport that has become a favourite of visitors. The much-hyped event in Dubai is making global headlines and leaving millions of visitors in awe. There’s a lot to do and explore at this global fair. If you haven’t visited it yet, plan it ASAP, and see for yourself why the world is gushing over this exhibition.

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