The emirate of Dubai never ceases to surprise its visitors. Continuing its tradition, it has come up with a brand new attraction that will allow visitors to take a dive into the world’s deepest pool. This is yet another addition to the list of the world’s ‘biggest/highest/deepest’ attractions in Dubai.

A treat for water adventurists, Deep Dive Dubai was opened for visitors in late July, and since then, they have had nothing but great things to say about this underwater attraction. Feeling excited? Before you pack your bags and book your tickets to Dubai to experience the sunken city, let’s find out everything about Deep Dive Dubai to help you fully prepare for this adventure.

Deep Dive Dubai – Location

This underwater facility is located in Nad Al Sheba 1. It can be accessed via metro (nearest station = Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall) or RTA bus from almost every part of the emirate. If you have a private vehicle, you can park it in the huge parking space of the Deep Dive Dubai and enjoy this wonderful attraction.

The Right Time to Visit

Ideally, water-based activities are best suited for summers. However, Deep Dive Dubai can be visited at any time of the year as it is an enclosed and controlled facility. This means that the outside climate doesn’t impact the experience you’ll get in this facility. The temperature of the pool is maintained at 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).

Interesting Facts about Deep Dive Dubai

Here are some interesting tidbits and facts about Deep Dive Dubai:

  • The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan, officially unveiled Deep Diva Dubai on his Instagram account.
  • The Guinness World Records has certified it as the deepest pool for diving in the world. It has a depth of 60 metres, which is equivalent to almost 197 feet and six Olympic size pools. The facility contains more than 14 million litres of fresh water.
  • Before Deep Dive Dubai, the record for the deepest pool for diving was held by Deepspot Pool in Poland. This facility, however, didn’t get to hold this record for a long period, as it was launched just a few months before Deep Dive Dubai.
  • The water in this facility remains purified as it has the most advanced purification system installed.
  • The facility houses the largest underwater film studio in the Middle East region.
  • It has a huge oyster-like structure that covers an area of more than 1500 square metres.
  • Its main highlight is the underwater city that is designed in a way to replicate an abandoned sunken city, using the latest lighting and sound system.
  • As many as 56 underwater cameras are installed strategically for the enhanced safety of visitors and divers. Furthermore, a professional hyperbaric facility is arranged to tackle any emergency situation.
  • Only if you can swim at least 200 metres, you will be allowed to dive into the water. Non-swimmers can opt for other activities, such as snorkelling. Those who want to go scuba diving must have an entry-level certification.
  • Visitors are asked to sign a consent form before they dive into the water.
  • Those who want to reach the lowest level of the pool need to have a training certificate on them. It must be obtained from a credible agency.  
  • The admission fee of this facility includes all the necessary equipment and diving gear. Visitors are only required to bring their swimwear and slippers.
  • Visitors are recommended to avoid taking a flight or visiting sky-high attractions right after diving at the Deep Dive Dubai.

Highlights of Deep Dive Dubai

An Out-of-the-world Experience

Deep Dive Dubai offers an out of the world experience, after all, where else in this world you can dive in a 60-metre deep pool. The best part? You can enjoy a seamless dive here without any safety concerns. This unique dive is going to make you forget everything else as you will only feel the realm of surrealism while diving deeper into the water.

The Sunken City

Experience Dubai like never before at Deep Dive Dubai. When you take a dive in this pool, you will discover a flooded city with its streets. There’s also an apartment you can explore. And want to know a fascinating feature? You can also play cool arcade games and chess underwater. Yes, you have read it right! These games are available in the sunken city.  

A Unique Opportunity to Master Your Scuba Diving Skills

Deep Dive Dubai is no less than a paradise for scuba divers. You don’t have to be a pro at this water sport to enjoy this facility. There are internationally recognised courses for beginners, professionals and all levels of divers. You can also get freedive training, which will teach you tricks to go deeper in the water and stay in there for a longer time, all this while obtaining a lot of health benefits.

All these courses include essential dive equipment and are delivered by certified and highly professional diving instructors.

Highly Advanced Safety Measures

The hygiene standards and quality of the water in this facility are maintained due to a modern filtering system. It works every six hours to ensure the quality and hygiene standards. Furthermore, several protocols are in place to make this facility free from the COVID-19 virus.

As previously discussed, there’s a hyperbaric chamber in place, which is managed by professionals. This chamber can facilitate 12 persons simultaneously. Due to its capacity and technology used, it is recognised as the largest and advanced chamber in the region.

The Largest Underwater Film Studio

If the world’s deepest pool wasn’t enough, the facility also features the largest underwater film studio. There’s a media editing room and a video wall as well.

In all, you should definitely add Dive Dubai to your bucket list if you are planning to visit the emirate anytime soon. You don’t have to be an adventurer or water baby to visit this magnificent attraction. If you don’t want to get wet, there are some cool activities to indulge in. There are huge windows and screens from where you can see all the live underwater action. Furthermore, there’s a restaurant to grab a quick meal as well. You can also shop at a gift store located within the facility.

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