Key Highlights

  • Property owners/investors will have to write to the management company when lodging a complaint.
  • This updated procedure offers quick, effective solutions.

Dubai Land Department (DLD), in order to regulate the real estate operations in Dubai, has changed the procedure for filing a complaint regarding the jointly owned properties’ management. The new process allows more transparency and convenience to property owners.

This change has been introduced as part of the organisation’s efforts to facilitate investors in the Dubai real estate sector and provide them with prompt solutions to problems they face. In a recent statement, DLD initiated this change and explained the new process of lodging a complaint. According to DLD, any individual who wants to make a complaint needs to communicate with the management of the jointly owned properties in the written form before submitting it to the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

Once a complaint has been made, it is the responsibility of the management company to respond in a maximum of 2 working days. If it fails to do so, the property owner can move to the next option, which is to lodge the complaint using the mobile app launched by DLD, called “Dubai Rest”.

In case the property owner is not satisfied with the initial response from the management company, they can pursue the second option of lodging a complaint through the Dubai Rest app.

Filing a complaint through this app offers enhanced convenience as the property owner/complainer wouldn’t have to go through an extensive procedure. They can do so conveniently and remotely by using the app.

It is important for the person lodging a complaint to attach supporting documents. They also need to attach a copy of the complaint letter that they had sent to the management of the jointly owned property. In case a response has been received from them, it’s copy should also be attached.

According to senior director of the RERA, Mohammed Khalifa bin Hammad, the benefits of this newly introduced procedure will not only be limited to property owners; it will also improve the efficiency and attractiveness of the whole sector as it aims to guarantee the rights of each party involved.

This development has been introduced in line with the strategy of DLD to go paperless. It is one of the recent updates received by the Dubai Rest app. The app itself was launched to provide investors and owners of properties in Dubai to get real estate services and information on key projects conveniently.

DLD introduced another new service recently that links owners looking to sell/rent their property with brokers. It aims to improve communication between the two parties that can result in quick transactions. The launch of this service will promote healthy communication and reduce the complaints of property owners as some brokers/real estate agents tend to contact them repeatedly without obtaining their consent.

To boost investment in the sector, a fractional title deed programme has been introduced by DLD. This initiative enables the investors to buy up to a quarter or half of a services apartment or a hotel. It was launched to provide affordable options to investors while giving a push to the hospitality sector in the region. 

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