The coronavirus pandemic has reached every corner of the world. Authorities of all states have realized the massive risk it entails. It is imperative for all of us to stay in isolation to ensure the stability of our healthcare system. Our health is not at risk as long as all of us don’t get sick at the same time. The coronavirus is not fatal unless there’s no room or time for proper medical treatment. Dubai is one of the leading nations fighting against the COVID-19. Although there are several precautionary measures in place, there is still a lot to be done. Thus, a commercial lockdown has been announced in the Emirate.

Ministry of Health and Prevention Orders Lockdown:

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has ordered a nationwide lockdown on commercial businesses. This is applicable to all businesses except for grocery shops, pharmaceuticals and a few wholesalers who supply the market. All other businesses, including commercial and public spaces are to be locked down. This includes, gyms, fitness centers, theme and amusement parks, salons and massage centers and all schools and institutions as well. Developers who had made a lot of properties in Dubai and commercial shops for rent and sale are facing troubles.

UAE has set a lot of preventive measures in place. The country had already stopped issuing visas when the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Other countries followed later but UAE went on to plan ahead. The Emirate removed parking restrictions, public transports, parks, cinemas and entertainment centers last week. All official channels of the country have advised the people to start working from home.

Mass Sterilization Across the Emirate:

The government officials have announced that the public should stay home especially between Thursday and Sunday. This is to ensure that the government workers face no problems while sterilizing the areas of the city. To make sure that the public complies, the government has also warned of penalties. You will face charges for not complying with the official announcement.

What to Expect:

As far as offices and businesses are concerned, all companies are following the instructions and adopting the work-from-home culture. Although a lot of businesses are still trying to establish working systems to make that possible. Furthermore, staying inside your house unless and until absolute necessity requires you to step out is crucial. The government has launched the Smart Dubai initiative and other similar smart systems. This proves to be useful in ensuring you settle your matters without physically stepping outside.

Renters and landlords are facing a lot of problems with the pressing the pressing circumstances. The Emirate’s large-scale developers are offering economic packages and programs for their tenants and clients. This is in hopes of providing relief and ease to everyone who’s affected by the economic changes. Although many cities and states have already declared that they will not be entertaining eviction cases. Also, people need to start using digital apps like Ajar to settle their payments.

All in all, it is mandatory for everyone to observe extreme caution and ensure everyone’s safety.

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