Rental apartment provide a way to live in a great property if you can’t afford to make a property purchase. While renting an apartment, it can be fairly stress free or it may provide problems if you have a disagreement with your landlord. So, what happens if your landlord was to go back on his or her eviction notice?

If you’ve recently had to move accommodation in a rental apartment in Dubai due to your previous landlord claiming to want to move in themselves, it can cause a lot of stress and expense. However, what if your landlord asked you to move back? Is this a cause for complaint?

If your landlord wanted you to move for their own use then they’re unable to rent the property to another tenant for at least two years. If you discover that your landlord has rented the property out to another tenant within that time period then you have a right to complain. Your complaint will need to be made at the rental committee, though it will cost you 3.5 percent of the rental amount you were paying. However, the good news is that these costs will be refunded to you if you win the case.

By law, landlords cannot evict you without notice – at least 12 months’ notice must be given before you move. You need to ensure this step is taken or your landlord is breaking the law and you have the right to complain. In Dubai, you are required to be registered with the Ejari system in order for you to make a rental dispute.

There are only three reasons why a landlord can evict a tenant. Those include a breach of the tenancy contract, if the landlord wants to occupy the property or if they want to sell property. It’s possible that some landlords evict tenants in the hope of increasing rents by gaining new tenants. If you find this happens, then you can file a complaint as this is against the law.

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