Abu Dhabi is a modern metropolis with a stunning desert landscape filled with world-class restaurants, global events, awe-inspiring shopping destinations, and everything great!

There are areas in Abu Dhabi that provide everyone with a wealth of opportunities. These neighbourhoods also provide commendable accommodations where you can relax after a hectic day.  

Most importantly, if your main concern is an affordable rental property where you can reside without breaking a bank, Abu Dhabi is the place you should definitely move to. You will find impressive studios for rent in Abu Dhabi under the budget of AED 35,000.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of the top five areas where you can find studios for rent in Abu Dhabi under AED 35,000:

Rent a Studio in Well-developed Areas in Abu Dhabi

1.  Al Khalidiyah

Al Khalidiyah, also known as Khalidiya, is a cultural hub of Abu Dhabi. It is a place where the old meets new while also highlighting the capital’s history. Furthermore, due to its central position, Khalidiyah is one of the most popular places for expats and local families wishing to live in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

Al Khalidiyah

Among all the areas in Abu Dhabi, it is close to the Abu Dhabi Corniche, featuring several mid and high-rise residential structures. Residents may have easy access to a beach, a public park, fantastic cafés, restaurants, and supermarkets. It makes the emirate especially appealing to individuals who prefer water activities.

The vast number of properties for rent in Khalidiyah is also a big bonus for individuals looking to relocate to this area. Among them, studios remain the favourite choice of singles. The community’s various structures include a mix of residential and business skyscrapers. You will find impressive studios for rent between AED 10k to AED 35k per month.

2.  Al Nahyan

Al Nahyan, named after the UAE’s royal family, has become an important element of Abu Dhabi’s rental real estate scene. Also, it is one of the most popular areas in Abu Dhabi when it comes to renting apartments and studios.

The Al Nahyan Stadium is located on the outskirts of the renowned Mangrove reserve, although it is still near enough to the city centre for people that commute. Despite this, the area is calm and lush with foliage, making it ideal for a family outing.

Al Nahyan

Not to mention that the Corniche is nearby for short outings to the beach or a simple picnic or stroll. The region is appropriate for both singles and families because it comprises flats and a few villas. Furthermore, the Al Karama and Al Mushrif districts are nearby.

As one of the oldest areas in Abu Dhabi, Al Nahyan has a mix of ancient and contemporary residential structures. When compared to modern structures, older apartment complexes rent at lower costs. It results in a broad range of rental fees. Thus, if you want to relocate, it is essential to take your time and explore the various apartments and other properties.

The neighbourhood is rapidly growing. Many projects are now under development. However, you will still encounter many developed residential properties for rent in Al Nahyan. Hence, you will find a studio under a rental price of AED 35,000 easily in this area.

3.  Khalifa City A

Khalifa City A is the central region of the larger Khalifa City real estate development. The development comprises Shakhbout City (previously known as Khalifa City B) and Zayed City (previously known as New Khalifa City).

Master developers, ALDAR, started this in-demand residential location as a small community. Now, this neighbourhood is blossoming with a greenish golf course, reputable schools and various retail and dining options in proximity.

Khalifa City A

It has taken up a prominent position in the list of the most popular areas in Abu Dhabi for renting. Suffice to say, you will find large, luxurious villas and adequately-sized apartments or studios in Khalifa City A. Hence, it has become a hot spot for multiple ALDAR developments like Al Rayyana, Al Forsan Village and Al Raha Golf Gardens. 

4.  Electra Street

Known as one of the busiest areas in Abu Dhabi, Electra Street is a place that never sleeps. Stretched along Sheikh Zayed the First Street, it is located in the heart of the emirate. The neighbourhood is named after an ancient low-cost electronics bazaar that provided several buying and selling options. Thanks to a long stretch of hotels, including five-star resorts, it is also popular with visitors.

Electra Street

Electra Abu Dhabi’s residential sector is largely made up of high-quality apartment complexes and serviced apartment buildings. These residences are outfitted with 5-star facilities to satisfy the high living standards. Due to the lack of freehold homes in the area, Properties in Electra Street are only available for rent.

5.  Al Mushrif

Al Mushrif is mostly residential development, with properties primarily consisting of rental apartments and villas. For expats looking for investment property in areas in Abu Dhabi, they may find freehold villas in Al Mushrif to be a good choice.

Also, Al Mushrif was regarded as a suburb away from mainland Abu Dhabi until local Emirati families largely populated it roughly a decade ago. Furthermore, Al Qubaisat, Delma Street, Al Dhafrah Street, Al Saada Street, Kamal Jamal Musal, and Mushrif Gardens are sub-communities of the larger community.

Hence, this neighbourhood features urban amenities within easy reach, thanks to good connectivity. You can rent a studio in Al Mushrif under AED 35k.

Final Thoughts

In all, Areas in Abu Dhabi feature impressive and affordable accommodations that promise a life of comfort and luxury. If you are looking for a place in the capital without upsetting your savings, search for a property for rent in the aforementioned areas, you will easily find studios at the price of AED 35,000.

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