While there are no ultimate rules for decorating when single, there are a few tips that can be helpful whether you’re just moving into your first space or living in a temporary rental. Here are a few of our best bachelorette pad décor tips to spruce up your space.

Basics First

You might want to have fun with accessories and art, but when it comes to long-term investment pieces, keep it simple and neutral. Invest in quality bedding, purchase furniture that can easily be moved from one space to the next, and keep your color palette simple. You will thank us later.

Studio Living FTW

The big dream house might come later, but for now, learn to love your place—even if it’s just a studio apartment, no matter how small or basic it is. Fill it with items you absolutely love and hone your organizational skills with a killer storage system.

Vanity Station is a Must

Facts first: You need a primping station. It can be your bathroom vanity or simply a corner of your bedroom or even your entryway, but make sure you have a mirror with good natural light and plenty of storage space for products, makeup, hair tools, and jewelry.

Where do you unwind

Single life can be stressful—you might be building a career, dating, trying to stay active and healthy, building strong friendships, learning to cook, even raising children—so having a space where you can completely unwind is magical. Whether it’s a lavish soak tub or your bedroom sanctuary, fill this space with your favorite things.

Go Arty

Art is such a personal purchase, so now is the perfect time to start your collection. Take the opportunity of being single to visit galleries or online art stores, identify your taste in art, and start collecting slowly.

Embrace Your Quirky Side

Love what you love, without being judged or having to compromise. Display a quirky art collection, decorate with worldly accents collected from your travels, cover everything in sheepskin, if you want. No one will be there to rain on your decorating parade.

Go Green

Living with plants is not only healthy (it purifies the air in our homes), it can also make us happier to care for something other than ourselves. The sense of accomplishment that comes with caring for a living thing can boost our confidence, so plants are a great low-maintenance alternative if you don’t have a pet.

If it makes you happy, do it

Want to buy a navy sofa? Go for it! Always wanted to paint your front door pink? No one is stopping you. This might be the last time in your life when no one will have a say on the furniture you choose to buy, so do what makes you happy.

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