Buying a new home and then moving in it, is an exciting time but it also comes with down payments and numerous expenses.

Here are 8 money saving tips to help you keep your cash where it belongs – in your wallet!

Become a Bargain Hunter to Buy a Home

If you’re searching for new furniture or decoration pieces, look at auctions, eBay and thrift stores to discover the best bargains. 

Make Quick Updates

Who said you need new furniture when you buy a home in Dubai? New bedding can instantly give your bedroom a facelift. Brighten up your house with a throw rug or new cushion covers. Add colourful towels to perk up the bathroom.

Sell Your Old Things

Do you have clothes you haven’t worn in years and never will? Or things you simply don’t need anymore? Sell them online and use the cash towards your new pad.

Reuse Old Stuff

Repurposing old T-shirts as dishrags and cleaning cloths not only saves you money but also cuts down on waste and is good for the environment.

Get Smart With Art

When you buy a home, you don’t need expensive art to make your home look chic. Design a photo display using old photographs, travel memorabilia or even your kid’s drawings. Find affordable frames of different sizes and place them together on a wall.

Shop Around for Insurance

By using an online comparison website, you could potentially save a lot of money on your insurance. Don’t be tempted to cut costs by not taking out insurance. You never know what’s around the corner.

Be Energy Efficient While Buying a Home

Cutting your fuel costs is one of the best and easiest ways to save money on your new home. Turning off devices when not in use can cut your bills in half. Also, install LED bulbs. They might cost more initially, but have a longer life than incandescent bulbs and consume far less electricity.

Ditch the Landline

Don’t double spend. Instead of paying for a home phone line, go mobile only.

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