Homes with nice front views sell faster. Sprucing up your home’s curb appeal is not only necessary if you’re looking to sell. A fresh and vibrant exterior will be a wonderful sight to see every time you pull into your driveway.
Little touches add up, so here are 10 simple ways to bring life to your house’s exterior.

1. Build a walkway:

Walkways make any home feel friendly and welcoming. If your house does not have a walkway, try clearing a path and lining it with some stones. If you already have a footpath, try giving it a new look. Brick pavements bring a classic vibe to any landscape.

2. Change the hardware:

Get new locks, bells, door handles and fun knockers as these can make even the plainest door look classy. Changing hardware even in subtle places such as on ­­shutters will give your front entrance an instant update.

3. Light the way:

Walkway lighting adds a soft glow at night and safely leads visitors to your house. If you have a tree in your yard, consider hanging a string of lights. Don’t like wires? Purchase solar lights at your local hardware store. Just stick them to the ground along the front walk and they’ll be good to go.

4. Add stair-step plants:

Place container plants on the steps leading to your door.

5. Add fresh porch furniture:

Benches aren’t just for sitting but can also serve as a display area for plants and lend an earthy vibe to the entrance. Try a bright red bench for some zing. A pair of matching rockers or a cozy glider can also be hugely cheering.

6. Breathe life through colors:

Have a red bench on the porch or red bricks on your walkway. Plant colorful roses along your fence.

7. Try a unique front door:

The front door’s also a great spot for a dash of color and can be just the thing you need to give a plain exterior a new look. Paint it a contrasting color from your house to give it instant character.

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