Forty-six degrees (and rising), nowhere to go and nothing to do! If you are visiting during the summer heat, we have our top 7  tips to help you make the most of your holiday despite the scorching heat.

Tip #1: Take care with what you wear when outdoors
Contrary to what most people believe, wearing sleeveless tops and shorts which expose a greater amount of skin can lead to greater moisture loss in a very short period of time in extreme heat, leading to dehydration. Instead, choose loose comfortable clothing in lightweight and light colored fabrics to counter the effects of the heat.

Tip #2: Hit the slopes
Even though it opened over ten years ago, we’re still not over the brilliance of Ski Dubai. An 85-metre high indoor mountain filled with ski slopes, giant snowballs and snow bullet rides IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT?! Bless you, Majid Al Futtaim Group!

Tip #3: Drink plenty of water
This may seem like rather obvious advice, but is often overlooked. Make sure to always carry water with you, even if for a short ride from your home or hotel to your destination. The best way to drink water is to sip a little water at regular intervals rather than gulping it all down.
Bottled water is available everywhere in Dubai. This is particularly important when you plan on going to the beach as many people cool off with a swim in the water and neglect to drink plenty of water at regular intervals.

Tip #4: Go Sub-Zero!
How cool is this lounge?! Minus six degrees at all times, apparently! Besides the killer AC, Chillout Dubai has ice sculptures, hot chocolate, warm clothing for borrowing, and an altogether novelty ambience. Don’t expect ground-breaking food and service though – just enjoy the chill.

Tip #5: Tip #4: Cool off in the water
The UAE has plenty of water parks designed specifically for hot summer days so make it a fun day out by heading to one of these cool zones.
The Wild Wadi Water Park is packed with plenty of hair-raising rides perfect for thrill-seekers and has one of the largest water slides outside of North America.

Tip #6: Try Cryotherapy
Never heard of this, let alone tried it? Well, there’s no better time to give body freezing a chance than in August in Dubai. Apparently, Cryotherapy helps reduce signs of ageing, speeds up metabolism, helps improve your… Oh, whatever! Just dip us inside that smoking pod thingy!

Tip #7: Tip #5: Eat smaller meals more regularly
There is a good reason why we feel less hungry during hot weather; this is our body’s natural way of regulating temperature. The heavier a meal, the more energy the body needs to expend to digest it, making us feel more lethargic. If you want to feel more energetic despite the scorching heat, eat fewer lighter meals at regular intervals. Cold soups, refreshing drinks such as an iced tea, salads, plenty of fresh veggies and fruits are all excellent summer foods and will give the body the nutrition it needs without draining its digestive resources.

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