Building an affordable home gym is a great way to work out whenever you want to. If you struggle to find free time and are on a tight budget, having your own gym can set you on your path to achieving that buff body you’ve been dreaming about.

Shrink your waistline, not your wallet, with these five tips.

Ask Questions About Home Gym Setup

Are you physically ready to start working out? What kind of workouts will you be doing? Are your objectives weight loss, weight gain, cardio fitness, strength training or a combination of some of these? How much space do you have and how much money can you spend?

Choose a Clutter-Free Space to Work Out

Try to allocate a space in your home or villa such as a sunny spot on the patio rather than using space next to the washing machine or in a dark basement for your workout. Make sure that equipment can be accommodated and that you can move freely.

Make a List of the Equipment You’ll Need

Look online and compare prices. Many gyms offer state of the art equipment but for a home gym on a budget, you’ll need to look for more basic equipment. Consider which equipment you enjoy using or which area of your body you want to tone.

Think DIY for Your Home Gym

Before you buy gym equipment, try making it on the cheap. Heavy tins of food or large bottles of water make effective weights for lifting. A skipping rope is also good for a fun cardio workout. If you’re a novice weightlifter, start by lifting plastic bottles or plastic milk jugs filled with water or sand. Make use of what you find around your home.

Buy Second Hand

If you are living in a rental apartment, snag deals on pre-owned gear or scout your local gym and online resell sites for used equipment sales. Just be sure to get gym equipment that works, it doesn’t have to be super fancy. Don’t splurge on expensive and clunky equipment you may never use.

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