The current lockdown situation has affected people living an apartment in Dubai in more than one way. Apart from the financial troubles it has given rise to, it has impacted the physical health and fitness of people who are confined to their homes or apartments. As they no longer had access to gyms and fitness centers, they can’t work out and take care of their fitness. However, being in a lockdown doesn’t give you an excuse to stop paying attention to your fitness. With all the time in your hand and not many activities to do, this is actually the time when you can work on your fitness and lead an active lifestyle.

Here are some health tips that can help you to do the same:

Create an In-Home Gym

This may not seem to be a wise idea if you are facing a financial crunch but those who can afford it, having an in-home gym is something they should definitely opt for. Lockdown or not, it will prove to be beneficial for you. Of course, you will have to spend some money on buying the necessary equipment to keep it in an apartment in Dubai, but consider it as an investment in your health and fitness. To save money on these gears and equipment, you can opt for used ones. There’s no need to go outside and visit different shops to buy those as you can get them with the help of the internet. You can easily find online platforms where people put their used gym equipment for sale. Select the best ones that go in line with your fitness goals and start working out on your fitness.

Follow a Pattern

Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy equipment, you can still work out in your apartment in Dubai. Just follow the pattern of some basic exercises that can be performed without the use of the gym equipment. For example, go for upper-body push, squat, or some core exercises. The results may not be as productive as they are in the gym, but nevertheless, you will be working out. Keep mixing up your exercise routine so that the boredom doesn’t kick in and workout sessions are something you look forward to for fun, not as something you are forcing yourself to do.  

Avail the Services of a Virtual Fitness Trainer

The internet has proven to be a real blessing in this lockdown. Instead of wasting this blessing in binge-watching series all day long, use it to your advantage. YouTube features channels from many fitness trainers. At the end of each video, they ask their viewers to subscribe to their channel. So, do them a favor and subscribe to some of those fitness channels. Look out for some easy and effective workout videos from them that you can perform conveniently in your apartment in Dubai without requiring supervision. Not only you will be able to improve your fitness but learn some new workout techniques as well.

If you already had a fitness trainer before the lockdown, get in touch with them and ask them if you can continue training under their supervision via online means. Use video link apps/platforms such as Skype or Zoom for this purpose and let them train you, just like they used to earlier.

Actively Perform Household Work

Use your spare time during this lockdown to actively perform household work such as cleaning, gardening, cooking, etc. To boost the energy, turn on your gym playlist and enjoy a different shade of workout. It will keep you active, motivated, and, most importantly, busy. Instead of spiraling what’s going to happen due to this global pandemic, you will be able to turn your home into a neat, clean, and organized living space.

Apart from that, go on a decluttering spree. Take out all the useless stuff, donate those things that are usable while disposing of the remaining ones. This particular activity is surely going to require a lot of physical exertion.

Take Care of your Diet

Lastly, don’t forget to take care of your diet. A lot of people are gaining weight because of the lack of physical activities. Furthermore, staying in an apartment in Dubai, all the time with nothing worthwhile to do is also making people eat plenty of snacks throughout the day. Mostly, these snacks are fattening and consuming them result in nothing but accumulated fat in the body. Thus, instead of eating everything that’s there in your refrigerator, prefer healthy food products only. Don’t indulge in stress-eating or eating when you are not hungry. This has a direct, and unfortunately, a negative impact on your fitness. So, stick to your pre-lockdown routine and pay attention to your diet.

The Takeaway

Surely, this is a testing time but it is eventually going to pass. Don’t let it get into your head; instead, try to make the most out of this free time. Join an online fitness program, take part in household chores, and learn a new skill or two.

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