The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among the most captivating Asian tourist destinations. The kingdom has tons of unique features, endless adventure opportunities, and intriguingly rich and unexplored culture to experience by the people who are planning for their holidays and for short term stay. The unique blend of contemporary and traditional architecture and lifestyle is also exhilarating- the real amalgamation of modernity and the ancient treasure. The food, entertainment, and shopping scenes in this oasis in the desert are not only thriving but also unbelievably affordable. 

Saudi Arabia just opened its beautiful attraction sites to visitors in 2019 by introducing the Saudi Arabia evisa. The visa doesn’t allow non-Muslims access to the holiest sites, but there still are tons of amazing places to have fun in this beautiful country. The calming waters of the Red Sea, thousands of mysterious villages, the scorching hot deserts, and the spectacular mountain ranges- you name them! Saudi Arabia is, indeed, a tourist’s delight. 

With that in mind, which are the most glorious touristy spots to visit in Saudi Arabia? Here are 5 spots that you cannot afford to miss if you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia soon. 

  1. The edge of the world

The outside world just discovered this geological wonder a couple of years back. Tourists climb the rocky desert, hike around it, and get the best view of the sky and Riyadh from a distance. The hiking trails here are 1,000 feet into an ancient ocean bed, with multiple cliffs making the hike even more adventurous.  Many tourists love to hike up to a famous spot called “the window” from where they are able to get down to the plateau below the rocky mountains. This is, however, not for the faint of heart; it can get pretty intense. 

  1. The Jeddah Waterfront

Jeddah is the kingdom’s vital seaport. The province is popular for having the most vibrant ports in the region. Perhaps it is because of this vibrancy that the locals fondly refer to the city and its ports as the ‘bride of the red sea’. Tourists visit the waterfront of Jeddah just for the cool evening strolls as they enjoy the breeze of the famous Red Sea. Locals here will entertain you with barbecues and other local delicacies. The government of Saudi Arabia revamped the waterfront in 2017 as a way of increasing its touristy appeal. It now has more than 730,000 kilometers of beaches, along which there are thousands of restaurants that serve both local and international foods. The waterfront is also home to resorts and parks that host festivals or concerts during the weekends.

  1. The Secret Lake of Riyadh 

The Secret Lake located in in the outskirts of Riyadh, precisely in a region known as Wuber. This lake is a “secret” because it has been out of bound to visitors for a long time mainly as a way of preserving its freshness. The authorities held the opinion that if people held picnic parties and other social events there, the lake would be contaminated. Today, local and international visitors are allowed access. You can get there by car or better yet, follow a hiking trail from Riyadh to the lake. The senility and tranquility of the lake is unmatched in all of Riyadh.

  1. King Fahd’s Fountain 

This is the tallest fountain in the world today. It is over 1000 feet tall, which surpasses the popular Eiffel Tower. It is a breathtakingly beautiful scenery that will excite you and your family. Its billions of shimmering droplets glows at night to make it visible from the heart of Jeddah. Mix that with the ruddy glow of dying sun and you surely haven’t seen a more spectacular artificial creation anywhere else.

  1. The Ancient Rock Art Of Jubbah 

This rock is popular for its many caves that contain ancient petroglyphs and rock paintings that date back to the 1000AD and before. There is tons of amazing rock arts here that historians or archeologists find extremely rich and useful for their research. Historians say that the caves were home to nomadic people who lived in ancient Saudi Arabia. This is evident from the drawings of costumes, animals, hunting scenes, and other items that explain the life of the ancient man.


Whatever reasons you would be visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for, don’t miss out on any of the 5 spots we have listed above. They will help you kick start your exploration of the beautiful Arabian desert. 


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