Dubai is the ideal choice for real estate investment. Expats can own a property in Dubai easily now under the government policies defined as freehold and leasehold zones. You might be wondering here what are the freehold zones in Dubai?

Leasehold Zone – A Dubai property can be leased from a freeholder for a period of 99 years which involves contractual terms of buying the right to occupy or live for a set period of time. The ownership of the property at the end of lease reverted.

Freehold Zone – A property is completely an ownership of the buyer including the structure and the land it stands on. Freehold Dubai property owners can upgrade or make changes to their property and have full rights to sell or lease it.

Although both options have pros and cons, let’s focus on which areas you can completely own properties in.

Freehold Areas in Dubai 2020 for Real Estate Investment:

There are a lot of freehold zones in the year 2020 located around central and southern Dubai. For real estate investors and renters, some of the favorite areas of the emirate are luckily in the freehold zones.

Dubai Marina:

Is Dubai Marina a free zone? This was the top question in the year 2018-2019 as the area became one of the most searched ones in terms of real estate investment opportunities. Whenever someone visits the place, they always ask if they can buy a property in Dubai Marina. And it’s not without reason either. Dubai Marina has redefined luxury and metropolitan life with opulent and extravagant features that are exclusive to its residents. Not only can you find top-notch, fully equipped apartments, villas, and townhouses, but surrounding them are contemporary occidental classy restaurants. Additionally, you can also find luxury yachts and beaches that promise a great nightlife.

Downtown Dubai:

One of the most exquisite and the second most searched areas in Dubai for real estate investment is Downtown Dubai. Partly because of the amazing horizon that incorporates some of the most iconic landmarks the emirate has to offer. Another reason for its popularity is the high-life promise that the top developers have provided in the shape of Dubai Mall. But that’s not it. Any investment of up to AED 1 million to AED 3 million can get you a posh 2-bedroom apartment. For those who wish to have it all can invest up to AED 90 million to get one of the penthouses with the view of the Burj Khalifa.

Jumeirah Village Circle:

Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the lands that developed under the radar. To clarify, not a lot of people who didn’t know the market invested in it. Only people who had an idea of the potential of the real estate investment return in this area enjoys the profit yield afterwards. Suffice it to say, it slowly became one of the best areas in Dubai for a family to move into. The property rates in the JVC start from AED 1.5 million to AED 6.5 million depending on the apartment or penthouse in Jumeirah Village Circle you are looking to buy.

Palm Jumeirah:

Palm Jumeirah is globally recognized as a great feat achieved by Dubai. Making an archipelago one of the top luxury-living areas in the world. There are not just flats, apartments, villas, and townhouses in the area. Similarly, all the features you can think of that go with the perfect ideal life are also present. World-class restaurants, hotels, resorts, and spas along with shopping malls, water parks, beaches, and much more. Even the landmark hotel Atlantis is in the Palm Jumeirah. One of the biggest villa communities in Dubai, the Signature Villas is in the area and provides over 7000 square feet. There are 6 and even 7-bedroom villas available for purchase in the area. Furthermore, apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah that provide a panoramic view of the beautiful scenic horizons are available for you to buy.

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