Want to make your tiny studio look bigger?

Making the most of a small space requires a certain amount of design savvy. Here are steal style ideas for when you don’t happen to have a penthouse.

  1. Go in for few larger pieces of furniture instead of many, smaller pieces.
  2. Try adding a wall-to-wall bookcase.Not only will it expand how high your ceilings look and be a great way to add storage, it will also turn the focus upward and make you forget about limited floor space.
  3. A mirror placed opposite a window will instantly make a room feel bigger.
  4. Reduce, discard and then enjoy your spacious, mess-less pad.
  5. Place a curtain around the bed. It’ll give you a feeling of a cozy bed tucked into a cubby.
  6. Let the color of your drapes match that of your walls. Also, having some of the furniture in the same color as your walls will help widen your space.
  7. Create multi-functional spaces. Use your couch to watch TV and the pull-out bed inside for when you have guests over. Let the ottoman serve double duty by functioning as a coffee table and storage for your throws or linen.
  8. Throw in a few see-through furniture pieces such as glass tables and acrylic pieces. They’ll trick the eye into thinking there’s more space than there actually is.
  9. Go big. Dramatic art pieces that are slightly oversized will make space feel more open.

You don’t have to fill up every square inch. Leave some blank space – be it a wall or just room on the floor.

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