1) Developers, property managers, and real estate marketers: it’s time to recognize how important social media is for marketing your property and dedicate the appropriate resources to social media management. If you can’t afford to rent somebody to try to it full time, consider outsourcing this task.

2) You should view social media investment in terms of potential, not bucks. Ask yourself this:

  • What are the reasonable approaches must you Track in land Marketing?
  • Where is your target market looking at properties?
  • Which social media platforms are most popular among your TG?
  • Which form of content is best suited for which platform?
  • How can you leverage content opportunities provided by social media channels?
  • Do you require an in-house social media professional or should you outsource the complete campaign?

3) There has been a decline in the organic Facebook reach over the last year and most marketers have experiences a significant decline within the last year. B2C marketers using Facebook know that something is not adding up. Businesses must be compelled to be keeping a detailed eye on Facebook in light-weight of all the recent changes. It is safe to say that now is the time to start doing things a little differently and explore other channels or even create one of your own.

4) So what can you do to get a headstart over your competition:

  • Focus on newsworthy content that drives engagement.
  • You need to begin thinking of Facebook as an area to post and discuss active news things, hot-button problems, and extremely shareable content (content that’s instructional or diverting, for example).
  • Tell your community to access the See 1st feature.
  • Users who still wish to ascertain posts from bound Pages they follow will select “See First” in News Feed Preferences.
  • Consider your ad budget. Especially for spanking new properties or those that swear heavily on referral traffic, you might want to consider reallocating budget to sponsored ads.

5) Building complete awareness could be a key good thing about social media use for real estate. s.

6) In terms of metrics like traffic, your efforts will experience growth exponentially over time. You must permit time for prospects to search out you and for your audience to grow organically. Use your social media platforms as a method to distribute meaty info to your target market and to speak with prospects and residents, and it’ll pay off.

7) 66% of marketers are now using Instagram. Instagram has surpassed Twitter and LinkedIn to be the second-most-used social media platform.
(It was fourth in 2017.) Use is up dramatically from 54% in 2017. Those are numbers worth paying attention to. Most land purchasers use Instagram with nice success. If you’re not on this platform, it’s time to join.

8) 63% of marketers use video content in their social media selling. This is one real estate marketing trend that everyone got right. Live video is quickly catching up and 23% use live video right now. What’s additional, 77% plan to increase video content and 63% plan to increase live video in the next year. The real estate business is clasping the facility of video selling. And the good news is, you don’t need expensive camera, lighting, or a production studio — your smartphone can be just as effective for creating video content for your social media outlets.

9) It’s time to start out reading informed selling automation tools like chatbots and social courier apps.

10) Influencer selling is another trend experienced in the recent years. It makes sense: consumers worth the opinions of peers and colleagues. In real estate, it’s vital to think about people who would possibly influence consumers and renters. Aside from family and friends, financial advisors, brokers, interior designers, and celebrities (be they local professional athletes or social media celebrities) can have an impact on buyers’ opinions of a property.

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