Short Term Rental Properties in UAE

AED 25,000
4 4 2,033 sqft
Bluewaters, Dubai


AED 8,000
1 2 901 sqft
Silverene, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 6,000
1 1 572 sqft
Bay Central, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 6,999

1 Cheque

-1 1 560 sqft
The Address The BLVD, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 12,600
2 3 1,478 sqft
Sparkle Towers, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 10,500
3 4 1,894 sqft
Rimal, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Dubai


AED 16,000
3 4 2,734 sqft
The Waves, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 13,500
2 2 1,445 sqft
Emaar 6 Towers, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 18,000
4 5 4,330 sqft
Horizon Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 15,000
4 5 2,450 sqft
Horizon Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 12,100
3 4 3,000 sqft
Emerald Residence, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 17,000
2 3 1,502 sqft
Bluewaters Residences, Bluewaters, Dubai


AED 17,500
3 4 2,800 sqft
The Waves, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 25,000
4 4 3,180 sqft
Princess Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 20,999
4 4 2,820 sqft
The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Dubai


AED 15,000

1 Cheque

3 4 1,700 sqft
29 Burj Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 18,000
4 5 4,330 sqft
Horizon Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 12,000
2 3 1,663 sqft
Trident Grand Residence, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 18,000
2 3 1,850 sqft
Bluewaters Residences, Bluewaters, Dubai


AED 14,999
2 2 1,560 sqft
The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Dubai


Looking to buy property in UAE instead?

    Short Term Rental Properties in UAE

    Due to its scintillating blend of modernity and traditions, the UAE has emerged out to be a popular tourist spot not only in the Middle East but the whole of the world. Statistics show that 16.73 million people visited Dubai, a popular city in the UAE, in 2019. This figure is a record in itself as it surpassed the numbers of previous years. The fact that UAE has witnessed a rapid growth in its economy has also helped it to become a magnet for investors and investors from across the globe. Thus, many people visit this country for business purposes.

    The increase in the number of visitors in the UAE has resulted in the rise in demand for properties for short term rentals. As a lot of people visiting the UAE, particularly for vacation purposes, look for a lavish and comfortable stay, they tend to prefer properties laced with modern luxuries and amenities instead of hotels. It gives them a feeling of staying in a home away from home.

    Also known as vacation rentals in UAE, these are generally furnished properties that are designed to provide all sorts of comforts and conveniences to the renters/tourists. They can select from apartments, townhouses or villas for the duration of their stay. Apartments are suitable for smaller families that have a limited budget. For those who have a bigger family and want to enjoy a luxurious stay, they can opt for villas and townhouses located in premium communities.

    Popular Areas for Short-Term Rental Properties

    Dubai & Abu Dhabi are the two most popular cities in the country where tourists tend to look for short-term properties for rent. Whether you are looking for an apartment, townhouse or a villa, you can find any type of accommodation easily. Both these cities have meticulously planned communities and neighbourhoods that feature luxurious apartments, villas & townhouses. Living in these communities allows the residents to enjoy a serene and tranquil lifestyle. Some of these properties are located near the beach. Therefore, you can also enjoy the mesmerising sights of water during your stay.

    Here are some of the popular areas where you can find short-term properties for rent:


    • Downtown Dubai
    • Jumeirah
    • Dubai Marina
    • Palm Jumeirah
    • Bluewaters Island
    • Al Quoz
    • Deira

    Abu Dhabi

    • Abu Dhabi Island
    • Khalifa City
    • Al Ghadeer
    • Al Raha Beach
    • Mussafah East
    • Al Reem Island

    Price Trends for Short-Term Properties for Rent

    Generally, the price you will have to pay as rent to the landlord/property owner depends on the duration of your stay. However, various other factors also influence the price. These include:

    • Size of the Property: It goes without saying that villas and townhouses are bigger as compared to studios and apartments. Therefore, their rent is on the higher side.
    • Location of the Property: If the property is situated in a prime location in close proximity to major landmarks or tourist attractions of the city, prepare yourself to pay a higher rent.
    • Facilities & Amenities: All the facilities & amenities renters enjoy in a property also has an impact on the rent.
    • View from the Room: Some properties in Dubai are located in such a strategic position that they offer mesmerising views of the city from the windows. The rent for such properties is higher as compared to others.

    Steps to Rent a Property for Short-Term

    Listed below are major steps one has to perform to get a rental property on short-term:

    Select the Type of Property

    The first step here is to select a property. Decide beforehand whether you want to rent an apartment, villa or townhouse for a short-term period. Base your search on the finalised type of property and you will have the options right in front of you.

    View Property Listings

    Next, view property listings by applying the appropriate filters. This will help to narrow down the search results. Filters that you can use to refine your search include area, price range, the number of bedrooms, etc.

    Have Virtual Property Tours

    Once you have a list of properties in front of you, short-list them by having their virtual tours. This will help you to filter out properties that do not interest you without having to visit them. You can have a tour of each property via online means and decide whether it is visit-worthy or not. However, don’t base your selection solely on these tours. Make sure you have visited the property in person and inspected it thoroughly before finalising it.

    Visit the Properties

    The next step is to visit the property and inspect it thoroughly. Make sure it meets your requirements and suits your budget before finalising it.

    Look for Features & Facilities

    Don’t forget to look for features, amenities, and facilities a property has. Generally, renters look for views the property offers, its accessibility, and other such features such as:

    • Well-lit & spacious rooms
    • Enhanced connectivity
    • Ample parking space
    • Access to fitness centre, swimming pool, etc.
    • Fittings and fixtures in good condition
    • Enhanced safety and security