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Villas for rent in UAE

The majority of people relate the United Arab Emirates to the vast stretches of deserts, pristine beaches, skyscrapers, and luxurious lifestyles; and somehow these four elements describe well this Middle Eastern country. The lavish lifestyle that residents enjoy in the UAE can be accredited to the luxury residential spaces coupled with the provision of upscale facilities. UAE, the country of superlatives, leaves a lasting impression on the tourists and residents alike with its futuristic design concepts, architectural marvels, and engineering wonders. 

The skyline of UAE is dominated by towering developments and magnificent skyscrapers offering beautiful apartments for rent but a major part of this market constitutes villas for rent in UAE. Spread across different areas, the villas are unique in design and grand and marvellous in appearance – complemented with the world’s best facilities. A majority of people having bigger families or want large space look for rental villas in UAE, as bigger space gives them the liberty to roam around and spend quality time outdoors.  

A high-quality housing option always remains in demand and people, who come to UAE for employment or business purpose bring families along. Therefore, villas for rent in Dubai always remain in high demand. Though villas come in different sizes and are mostly unfurnished but people prefer these rental villas in UAE for ample space and upscale facilities. UAE real estate market is now well-established and has also adapted well to the varying demands of expats, so you can expect a huge variety of rental villas in the UAE market. All you need is to finalize your budget and pick a preferred location – and you can find a large selection of villas. 

Stand-alone or located in gated communities, most of the villas come with features like a courtyard, swimming pool, car porch, and garden. Though these properties require higher maintenance but they offer more space and more privacy as compared to apartments in developments. Seeing the growing popularity of villas in the UAE, several communities are designed that only feature villas and townhouses. 

How to choose a villa for rent in UAE?

Apart from the rent, villas in the UAE differ in terms of:

Architectural Style: Some villas have a traditional look while the ones located in the modern communities boast contemporary design and are complemented with upscale facilities.

Condition: Tenants can choose villas based on different conditions such as architectural style, completion year, and facilities. Though most of the villas are unfurnished but you may rarely find semi-furnished or furnished villas for rent in UAE. 

Configuration: Villas in the UAE also vary in terms of the number of rooms they feature. You can easily find villas comprising of three, four, five, and six bedrooms. There are also separate storage and maid rooms in the villas. The main bedrooms come with an en-suite and feature ample storage space throughout.

Popular areas to rent villas in UAE

Rental villas in UAE can be found in every emirate but Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a clear advantage over other emirates, in this regard. People prefer Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi due to their exhilarating lifestyle, yet other emirates are always chosen due to lower living costs and the availability of high-quality lifestyle facilities at a reasonable price tag. 

You can explore the following options for rental villas in UAE:

What to consider while renting a villa in UAE?

Having said that, the decision of selecting the right emirate for you must be taken after thorough consideration such as take into account the location of your workplace when making this selection and also considering the proximity to other public facilities.

Apart from the location of the property, the availability of world-class facilities and amenities help define the lavish lifestyle that a villa offers. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to other features as well. Ensure your selected rental villa has:

  • Spacious and airy rooms
  • Sufficient natural light
  • Fittings and fixtures in good condition
  • Pleasant views of the surrounding areas
  • A designated parking spot for tenants
  • Advanced security measures like cameras and intercoms
  • Easy access to community areas, supermarkets, pharmacies, laundry service

How to rent a villa in UAE?

You can start your search at Zoom Property and you can shortlist rental villas in UAE from the extensive database. You can refine your search query based on different variables such as location, budget, number of bedrooms, and size. After that, you can connect to the listing agents to complete the process. 

The next step is to visit the available options, meet the listing agent, negotiate on the rental amount and finalize the contract. 

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