Sharjah Rental Property

4 beds 5 baths 4426 sqft
Blue Tower, Corniche Al Buhaira, Sharjah
AED 120,000


2 beds 2 baths 1506 sqft
Al Niser Plaza, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 46,000


2 beds 2 baths 1506 sqft
Al Niser Plaza, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 46,000


2 beds 2 baths 1506 sqft
Al Niser Plaza, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 46,000


1 bed 1 bath 968 sqft
Al Niser Plaza, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 32,000


3 beds 3 baths 2700 sqft
Al Ghazal Tower, Al Khan, Sharjah
AED 98,500


2 beds 2 baths 1506 sqft
Al Niser Plaza, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 46,000


1 bed 2 baths 800 sqft
Industrial Area 2, Sharjah Industrial Area, Sharjah
AED 22,000


2 beds 3 baths 1500 sqft
Al Majaz 3, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 45,888


2 beds 3 baths 1250 sqft
Al Majaz 1, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 37,000


3 beds 4 baths 2200 sqft
Al Khan, Sharjah
AED 45,000

dada bhai

5 beds 7 baths 5500 sqft
Al Majaz 1, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 164,998


3 beds 4 baths 2500 sqft
Al Mamzar 1, Al Mamzar, Sharjah
AED 78,888


4 beds 6 baths 3300 sqft
Al Majaz 3, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 100,000


2 beds 2 baths 1400 sqft
Al Taawun Street, Al Taawun, Sharjah
AED 36,998


3 beds 3 baths 2300 sqft
Al Majaz 1, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 77,000


3 beds 3 baths 2200 sqft
New Al Taawun Road, Al Taawun, Sharjah
AED 38,999


1 bed 2 baths 950 sqft
Al Majaz 3, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 22,998


-1 bed 1 bath 420 sqft
Al Majaz 2, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 16,998


1 bed 1 bath 1100 sqft
Al Majaz 2, Al Majaz, Sharjah
AED 29,999


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    Rent Properties in Sharjah

    Of the many phenomenal places to visit for tourism in the UAE, The Emirate of Sharjah is an iconic one. Offering a combination of civilized culture, national heritage, art, museum, and multiple outdoor attractions, Sharjah attracts tourists from all around the world. 

    The tourism industry of Sharjah contributes more than 10% to the annual GDP. There is no doubt that the tourism industry currently is and is continuing to thrive steadily. As a result of this thriving economy and a major tourist attraction site, thousands of people are moving to Sharjah, now and then, to explore the new markets, expanding their businesses, availing quality education for their children and most importantly-investments. 

    The demand for rental properties in Sharjah seems evitable since Sharjah is amongst those famous countries that share political, legal, economic and military functions with other neighbouring countries along the coast of the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf.

    Properties for rent in Sharjah

    Types of Rental Properties in Sharjah City

    There are a vast number of properties for rent in Sharjah. The specifications vary from property to property but you can always visit them and choose the one that suits you the best. The rental property types in Sharjah are in Apartments, Commercial, and Villas reflecting the state-of-the-art style.

    Rental and real-estate business in Sharjah is steadily increasing and caters to the needs of the people that they look forward to being met. The common choices available for individuals include:

    Apartments in Sharjah

    Sharjah is filled with enormous high-raised buildings and skyscrapers. The apartments are available in many price range depending upon the number of bedrooms in the apartment. The very common apartment types as a property for rent in Sharjah come in:

    The trend of living in apartments and enjoying a panoramic view from your bedroom window is amongst the most important features while choosing the apartment. To enjoy the scenic view, people tend to choose apartments with a perfect view. Some famous Sharjah properties for rent with mesmerizing views are:

    • Al-Khan
    • Al-Khezamia
    • Al-Yarmook Tower
    • Rolla Square
    • Tiger 1
    • Al-Butina
    • Al-Majaz
    • Golden Sands Tower

    In addition to this, these apartments come in three categories; Furnished, Unfurnished and Partially Furnished and you can choose them according to the available budget.

    Commercial Properties to Rent in Sharjah

    Sharjah is a business hub and people from all over the world, choose Sharjah for investments and also to explore new business opportunities. The types of commercial property available are as follows;

    In addition to this, you can also choose the location of the commercial rental properties. Some of the most famous rent properties in Sharjah are:

    • Emirates Industrial City
    • Al Sajaa
    • Industrial Area 13
    • CG Mall
    • Al-Taawon tower
    • Industrial Area 6
    • Rolla Square
    • Al Khan Street

    To choose any commercial property for rent in Sharjah, multiple options are available and you can choose any one of the options concerning the location, budget, space etc.

    Villas for Rent in Sharjah

    Villas are also an important and trendy residential option to rent while on a long vacation or if you plan to stay in Sharjah for a longer time. Villas come in several options and are based on the following bedroom features;

    The villas are present across Sharjah and the most popular locations are as follows;

    • Al-Zahia
    • Halwan
    • Al-Jazzat
    • Al-Barashi Villas
    • Al-Ghafiya Area
    • Al-Qadsiya
    • Umm-Khanoon
    • Al-Azra

    Properties for rent in Sharjah
    rental property in sharjah

    Pricing Trends Sharjah Rental Properties

    In the category of residential properties for rent in Sharjah, the rental cost for an apartment with a single bedroom will be around AED 2000 per month. The total rent for a two-bedroom apartment will be around AED 4000 per month. In the case of three bedrooms (furnished) apartment, the average budget per month rent is estimated to be AED 5000. 

    For people aiming to rent villas the price for a two-bedroom villa will be equivalent to an annual AED 30,000. Villas on rent with 5 or 6 bedrooms will cost an estimated amount of AED 110,000 to AED 140,000. 

    In case of commercial properties for rent in Dubai an office measuring an average area of 50 sq. feet will cost a rent of up to AED 5000 per year, 2000 sq. ft. for 90,000 AED. For retail shops and other commercial buildings, the renting cost ranges from AED 40,000 to AED 500,000 per year.

    Properties for Rent in Sharjah

    How to Rent Properties in Sharjah?

    The government of Sharjah does not give any kind of residency visas to foreigners; instead, it gives them an ‘investment contract’. This allows them to ‘invest’ in the property for the next 99 years. Such contracts are made online, for enhanced process flow between the landlords and tenants. All the property specifications and the features for Sharjah properties for rent are made available via the website or other rental property sites.

    The tenants can choose the best one from a variety of features including;

    • Balcony view
    • Accessibilities to hospitals, schools, malls, parks, public transport and medical services
    • Spacious
    • parking lot facility
    • 24/7 security
    • Area per square
    • Furnishing type (i.e Furnished, Partial Furnished, non-furnished)
    • Rental Budget
    • Location of the rental property 
    • Gym
    • Swimming pool

    Make a Rental offer

    Once the features are finalized, the tenants proceed over to make an offer with the property owner or the landlord. Here, the tenant tries to negotiate an amount with them as per the available budget. Once done, the total amount is decided along with the monthly installments and the fee for an agent (if any), the contract is finalized.

    The contract includes the following important features;

    • Duration of the contract
    • Extra service charges (if any)
    • Security deposit
    • Signatures 

    The rental property business in Sharjah has gained huge heights ever since the business opportunities and new markets have opened here. Finding a rental property, that earlier as a lot difficult to find according to need but now property agents have made it quite simple. The relevant information, property specification, and contact information of the landlord are easily accessible, making the rental process quick and smooth.

    With a single click, you can browse the entire list of the available properties for rent in Sharjah as per the required time, rental charges and the overall area and location. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to choose from multiple choices on the go!