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The Palm Tower Residences by Nakheel TBC

Ras Al Khaimah is quietly making its way among the prominent cities in the UAE. The tax benefits it offers, coupled with low land cost and amazing landscapes, is making it an ideal place for investment in the UAE’s property market. The economy of the city is majorly dependent on trade as RAK is well-connected to some of the most important trade routes of the world.

The fact that it lies close to Dubai is another factor that is contributing to its popularity. Those who can’t afford a living space in Dubai, prefer RAK as rents are budget-friendly here and one can get to enjoy top amenities and facilities, similar to those available in Dubai. Real estate experts believe that RAK is on its way to replicate Dubai’s success in the property market. This is why investors are also keen to explore opportunities in this city.

For those looking for residential properties for rent in Ras al Khaimah City, there are abundant options for them including:

Popular Locations for Rental Property in RAK

RAK features several communities and neighbourhoods that are suitable if you are looking for a rental property in this city. From fully furnished apartments to ultra-luxury villas, you can find any type of residential property in any configuration you desire quite easily. However, be mindful that some areas are more suitable for apartments and penthouses while a few have luxurious villas and townhouses.

There are numerous factors that you need to consider when selecting a property for rent. The most prominent among them is its location. The area should be well-connected to other parts of the city and easily accessible from your workplace. It will save commuting hassles and costs. Also, it should have educational institutes, health care centres, shopping centres, entertainment venues located in close proximity.

Here is a list of popular locations where you can find rental properties in RAK:

·       Al Hamra Village

·       Al Marjan Island

·       Bab Al Bahr

·       Mina Al Arab

·       Suhaim

·       Seih Al Uraibi

Price Trends for Rental Properties in RAK

When compared to Dubai, the cost of living in RAK is considerably lower. But with the increasing popularity of the city, the rent of living spaces is expected to rise. Currently, however, it is on the steady side. Therefore, if you are looking for Ras Al Khaimah apartments for rent or any other type of property, it’s the right time to do so.

The rental value of a residential property depends on different factors. These include:

The type of property: Villas and townhouses are more expensive as compared to other types. Luxury penthouses also have high rent.

Configuration: The number of rooms in an apartment or a villa has also impacted its price.

Area: The location of the selected property i.e. its area is another prominent factor that influences the rental value.

Other than these, amenities and facilities available also affect the rental price of a property.

Steps to Rent a Property in RAK

Take a look at some of the major steps you will have to perform to rent a property in RAK:

Finalise the Type of Property

The process initialises with selecting the type of property and finalising other details. Whether you want to rent a villa or a townhouse, decide on this step. Also, be clear with other requirements such as area, number of rooms, etc.

Explore Listings

Next, explore listings for the selected type of property on Zoom Property portal. You can find the best options available in the areas you have decided on. You can also use filters the portal has to get refined results. It will make it convenient for you to find the property that meets your needs and suits your budget.

Have Virtual Tours

This is the major step where actual work starts. In this phase, you will be taking etours of properties available albeit in a virtual manner. This will enable you to know whether a particular property matches your interest or not, without having to visit it. This step will save a lot of time as you will be able to list a handful of options in no time.

Visit Selected Properties

The next step is to visit shortlisted properties one by one. Pay attention to every major and minor detail during your visit. Don’t discard any issue by thinking of it as an insignificant one. Be mindful that the smallest of problems and issues can lead to huge troubles in the later stages.

Along with that, observe the size of the rooms. Ensure they are spacious, airy, and well-lit. Also, the living space should have proper ventilation.

Check for Amenities & Facilities

When visiting the property, ask the developer or agent about the amenities and facilities that you will have access to as a tenant. It is important to know about them as they help a great deal in elevating the lifestyle.

Sign the Agreement

This is the last step of renting a property. Once you have finalised all the details, you will be asked to sign the rental agreement. Make sure you have read it thoroughly before taking this step. If you have a concern or an ambiguity, don’t hesitate and ask the agent or developer.

It is important to have your valid Emirates ID and passport to register the tenancy contract.

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