Villas for Rent in Mirdif

5 beds 3 baths 3600 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 77,000


4 beds 4 baths 2550 sqft
Mirdif, Dubai
AED 90,000


3 beds 4 baths 2187 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 100,000


4 beds 3 baths 2800 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 105,000


4 beds 3 baths 4200 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 125,000


4 beds 5 baths 4000 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 110,000


3 beds 4 baths 3000 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 95,000


4 beds 5 baths 5500 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 95,000


2 beds 2 baths 1100 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 55,000


2 beds 2 baths 1050 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 55,000


2 beds 3 baths 1100 sqft
Mirdif Villas, Mirdif, Dubai
AED 55,000


Villa Types
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    Villas for Rent in Mirdif

    UAE, in general, offers a quality of life which is unparalleled throughout the world. If one is living in the UAE, rest assured that you can take the basic amenities for granted. 24 hours electricity and water supply, no blackouts, no hassles. With the UAE leading the way into a digital age, everything is available at the click of a button.

    This makes the UAE the place to be if you're looking to rent a villa and live a life of comfort and luxury. For expats who come to start a new life in the emirates, villas are the preferred option. Villas for rent in Mirdif suit the lifestyle of expats with spacious rooms, beautiful community living, guaranteed maintenance of properties and hassle-free moving-in and out of villas.

    Although all the emirates are superb locations to rent a villa but Dubai has a special place for expats from around the world and the quality of villas available in the emirate is absolutely unparalleled. So, if you're on the lookout for a villa for rent in the UAE, pick Dubai without giving it a second thought.

    Life in Mirdif, Dubai

    Mirdif is one of Dubai’s best-kept secrets and one of the most livable communities in the whole of the emirate. This stylish community consists of residential areas, luxurious gated and high-class communities. Living in Mirdif has a completely different feel as compared to the entire Dubai. Why? Because of its unique architecture and compact community. A drive around Mirdif will have the desired impact on you and your family. You would want to shift here immediately. The community comes across as homely, well maintained with beautiful middle eastern architecture. The villas for rent in Mirdif offer beautiful architecture, inspired by the rich culture and heritage of the Emirate.

    Getting around Mirdif

    The Mirdif community was one of the first areas established in newer Dubai. Located close to the Dubai International Airport and a speck beyond Festival city, it is a well-connected, popular area for expatriates with families that work in Old Dubai.

    You can reach the following from Mirdif by car:

    • Dubai Marina: 31 minutes
    • Dubai International Airport: 10 minutes
    • Mall of the Emirates: 26 minutes
    • Jebel Ali: 45 minutes
    • Downtown Dubai: 19 minutes

    Amenities in Mirdif

    If you move into a villa in Mirdif, one thing is for sure - you will definitely be spoilt when it comes to the comfort of living in this community. Mirdif is complete with shops, nurseries, schools and has its own malls as well. We can safely say that Mirdif is an area of Dubai that is more affordable for families seeking a villa with a garden and/or access to a pool; although, apartments are also available.

    Once a favored neighborhood of Emiratis, Mirdif has now grown to include more sub-communities such as Ghoroob, Shorooq and attracted more nationalities. Given its location, Mirdif is ideal for those working near the Dubai International Airport, Sharjah or other parts of old Dubai.

    Villas for Rent in Mirdif

    Rent Villas in Mirdif, Dubai

    For those seeking villas for rent in Mirdif should know that in this community is a mix of Emiratis, Europeans, South-Asians and Arabs. Mirdif is made up of four sub-communities; Ghoroob, Shurooq, Uptown Mirdif and Mirdif Tulip. Each offers a variety of residential units for families to choose from as per their lifestyle needs.

    That makes renting in the Mirdif area so special is the fact that it is genuine and has been developed for the needs of the residents – not as a tourist destination. The peaceful and rich environment has attracted people looking for villas for rent in Mirdif.

    Types of Villas for rent in Mirdif

    The residential and commercial properties in Mirdif have been built in a very organized manner with wide roads and scenic views that make it a very appealing destination for most people. The property types available for rent in Mirdif include various villas types such as:

    This means that you can rent villas for rent in Mirdif with a huge choice available and a wide range of building options also on offer. Apart from villas, you could also look at the following options, depending on what your choice is:

    Villas for Rent in Mirdif
    Villas for Rent in Mirdif

    Popular areas to rent villas in Mirdif

    Mirdif is a globally renowned place and people from all over the world make it their home. Here are some of the locations popular among renters.


    Ghoroob is a popular residential community in Mirdif, situated just east of Dubai International Airport. Ghoroob is a gated community that is home to many families and professionals. Every building has its own full-time security with guards, and all apartments have an intercom facility. The security and maintenance are managed by separate companies and there are hotlines for both.

    It is a quiet community with well laid out roads and enough breathing space around the buildings. There are plenty of lush green lawns and fountains as well as children’s play areas and basketball and volleyball courts. If you are looking to rent a villa in Mirdif, then this is the ideal place to be.

    Uptown Mirdif

    Uptown Mirdif is a residential development designed in the architectural style of an old English spa town. It includes recreational facilities, landscaped gardens and a ‘lush’ parkland and it the perfect place to rent a villa in Mirdif.

    The townhouses, the so-called rowhouses, and the apartment buildings are built around a Grand Piazza with an array of shops, restaurants and coffee shops at street level below the residential apartment buildings.


    Shorooq is one of the most prestigious communities in Dubai. It offers a family-friendly lifestyle and is an ideal place to rent a villa in Mirdif. Shorooq is a highly rated family-focused neighborhood in Dubai that provides access to all major roads and outlets in the city. It is also situated close to the one-stop leisure and entertainment destination, Dubai Festival City where you can ride a massive festival wheel, enjoy a laser show and hop on a traditional Abra ride. It also lies close. You can rent a villa in Mirdif right here in Shorooq.

    Villas for Rent in Mirdif

    Steps to rent a villa in Mirdif

    Investment in the real estate industry is an intelligent step to take nowadays and UAE is a perfect destination for this purpose. Property is on high demand in various states of the United Arab Emirates due to top class lifestyle, amazing facilities and easy access to several amenities like hospitals, schools, pharmacies, etc.

    Finding a perfect property for rent in the United Arab Emirates is an extensive procedure and all the steps involved are mentioned below:

    List down villa requirements

    The initial step which must be completed carefully is to list down all the requirements you need while renting a property in UAE. The factors such as property types, furnishing type, area per square, and other similar entities must be listed down clearly before you start looking for options.

    View online property listing websites

    The next step is to go through online property listings and filter down results matching your budget, the websites offer visitors with various filters which can help you view options matching your desired criteria. Apply those filters and observe the results obtained. The online property listing will contain all the details associated with the properties on rent like cost, facilities, area per square, furnishing type, additional amenities, etc.

    Narrow down your options

    The next step is to narrow down your options for property for rent in Mirdif even further and select a few properties which match all your requirements and needs.

    Visit the short-listed villas

    Contact the owner or agents associated with the short-listed properties and schedule a visit to all these narrowed down options. Visit the property on the scheduled date and time and pay close attention to these properties. You can also look around the neighborhood of the chosen properties and figure about what kind of surroundings exist near these locations.

    Negotiate the rent

    After paying visits, you will be able to successfully finalize the property you want to rent as your next home or workspace. The next step is to negotiate the cost of the rental residential or commercial property.

    Contract Signing

    After the budget has been finalized, a contract is composed which is signed by both the parties involved in the rent agreement. This contract lists down all the terms and conditions such as a number of cheques to be paid, etc. Sign the contract and now you the tenant of the property.

    Document Submission

    The final step is to submit a few documentations to the property agent or firm which include:

    • Copy of Passport
    • Residential Permit

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