Apartments & Flats for Rent in Dubai Marina

Apartments & Flats for Rent in Dubai Marina
Apartments & Flats for Rent in Dubai Marina
AED 85,000
1 2 875 sqft
Cayan Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai


Apartments & Flats for Rent in Dubai Marina
Apartments & Flats for Rent in Dubai Marina
AED 118,000
2 3 1,324 sqft
Marina Gate, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 99,999

6 Cheques

2 2 1,721 sqft
The Royal Oceanic, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 165,000
2 3 1,464 sqft
Marina Gate 1, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 150,000
3 3 3,553 sqft
Al Seef Towers, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 140,000
2 3 1,345 sqft
Marina Gate 1, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 74,999
1 2 977 sqft
Damac Heights, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 69,000

4 Cheques

1 2 899 sqft
Westside Marina, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 120,000

1 Cheque

3 3 1,817 sqft
Marina Heights, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 75,000
1 2 970 sqft
Sparkle Tower 2, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 48,000

2 Cheques

1 1 750 sqft
Marina Diamond, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 115,000
2 4 1,483 sqft
LIV Residence, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 125,000

1 Cheque

2 3 1,476 sqft
Sparkle Tower 1, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 70,000

12 Cheques

1 2 775 sqft
Marina Quay West, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 150,000

12 Cheques

2 3 1,466 sqft
Trident Grand Residence, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 135,000
2 3 1,386 sqft
Marina Gate 1, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 500,000

1 Cheque

5 4 6,100 sqft
Le Reve, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 90,000
2 2 1,302 sqft
Bonaire Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 115,000
2 3 1,550 sqft
Damac Heights, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 143,000
2 3 1,402 sqft
Marina Gate 1, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 65,000
1 1 909 sqft
Park Island, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 37,000
studio 1 337 sqft
Manchester Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai


    Apartments for Rent in Dubai Marina

    Dubai is an ideal destination for people from all over the globe due to the opportunities available and a great way of life. Dubai Marina is one of the most popular residential areas of Dubai with impressive buildings and an exquisite man-made marina. Attractive apartments for rent in Dubai Marina are available with attractive marina and ocean views.

    Dubai Marina is located between Dubai Media City and Jebel Ali and provides those looking for rentals with a huge variety of apartments options. The sensational view of oceans and huge skyscrapers make Dubai Marina a favorite for renting apartments from people all over the world.

    Dubai Marina apartments for rent can offer people with attractive investment opportunities because of its prime location and pleasant surroundings The beautiful yachts and speed boats offer people with various fun activities while residing in apartments for rent in Dubai Marina.

    Apartments for Rent in Dubai Marina

    Popular Areas to Rent an Apartment in Dubai Marina

    A lot of People move to Dubai due to the large pool of business and work opportunities offered in this dynamic and economically stable country. Dubai Marina is a popular choice for renting apartments in Dubai. The man-made harbor extends to an area of 3 kilometers with promenades all around. The water is encircled by a long display of salons and spas, shops and cafes etc. making it an ideal choice for renting apartments and residencies.

    The most popular buildings for rental apartments in Dubai Marina include the following:

    Dubai Marina is rich in tall skyscrapers and picturesque views of the Marina and ocean. This location also offers a huge variety of rental apartments of different sizes and budgets. The popular towers offering apartments for rent in Dubai Marina include Al Seef Tower, The Marina Torch, Ocean Heights, Emirates Crown, Marina Crown, etc.

    Apartments & Flats for Rent in Dubai Marina
    Apartments & Flats for Rent in Dubai Marina

    Types of Rental Apartments in Dubai Marina

    Dubai Marina is the home for over 120,000 people and is rich in cafes and restaurants along with several entertainment venues. People belonging to different cultures and nationalities reside in Dubai Marina making it a cultural hub.

    To accommodate all the people traveling to Dubai from all over the globe an extensive variety of flats and apartments are available in order to make sure that the people can successfully find apartments which suit their lifestyle and budget.

    The apartments for rent in Dubai Marina can be chosen from various options such as Luxurious penthouses, 1-BHK, large-sized, mid-sized or small-sized apartments with 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedrooms, 3-Bedrooms, 4-Bedrooms or 5-Bedrooms.

    The furnishing types of apartments for rent in Dubai Marina can be of the following three types:


    Dubai Marina offers potential rentals with apartments which are not furnished at all so that you people can furnish them according to their personal performances and choices. This factor also slightly affects the budget as well and can prove to be costly for people looking for rental apartments in Dubai Marina. Some people prefer furnishing their rental properties themselves and can rent apartments which are empty in that case.


    The apartments which are not fully furnished are also available in this locality. This furnishing type saves time and budget required to settle in your new rental apartment as its already partly furnished.


    Fully-furnished apartments are a great choice for people seeking rental flats in Dubai Marina as it saves up all the money and time required for buying furniture.

    Other than the furnishing types, the rental apartment also offers people with several other significant factors such as:

    •    Windows glazed with double layers and energy efficient materials
    •    Kitchens which are equipped with utensils and equipment carrying the latest technologies and design
    •    Balconies which are spacious and offer an astounding view
    •    Totally fitted bathrooms and restrooms

    Features to look for while Renting an Apartment in Dubai Marina

    To ensure that you are spending your money for the right amount of comfort and luxury, there are several features to look for while renting an apartment or flat in Dubai Marina. These features also determine the monthly and annual rent of these apartments.

    The features to keep in mind while looking for your perfect rental home in Dubai Marina include the following:

    •    Exposure to enough natural light
    •    The view from the windows or balcony
    •    The fittings of the restrooms, kitchen and other rooms must be in good condition
    •    The rooms must be spacious
    •    Parking area for the tenants
    •    Mandatory security measures such as security guards, CCV camera and intercoms
    •    A peaceful neighborhood
    •    The public transport like a bus stop and the metro station must be easily accessible
    •    Easy access to shopping marts, general stores, community parks and areas, laundry service providers, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.
    •    Must be near to your workplace
    •    There must be no construction site nearby
    •    Added luxury features such as swimming pool, gym area, etc.

    The presence of these features add value to your new home and they make you feel comfortable and contented while living on rent in Dubai Marina.

    Apartments & Flats for Rent in Dubai Marina

    Dubai Marina Rental Price Trends for Apartments

    You must be well aware of the pricing trends and make sure that the price syncs well with these trends before renting an apartment in Dubai Marina. Conduct proper research regarding which apartment types are available for rent and the cost range as well so that you can determine the budget and apartment type clearly.

    The rent saw a decline in the year 2018 and it is expected to reduce more in the coming year. According to stats Dubai Marina was found to be the second most expensive area for rentals during the previous year and this trend will stay the same in the coming years as well.

    The studio apartments located in Dubai Marina were rented on a 7.1% lower cost as compared to last year. The apartments or flats with a single bedroom were rented on 5.0% lower price and the two bedroom apartments were observed to cost 6.7% less compared to the previous year.

    The most popular building for renting apartments in Dubai Marina was found to be Marina Diamonds Towers. It is comprised of six buildings and offers tenants with both unfurnished and furnished apartments and flats. The annual rent for apartments in these towers ranges from AED 50k to AED 80k.

    The second most rented building in Dubai Marina is the Princess Tower which is also the third tallest building in the City. It contains a variety of penthouses and duplexes with wonderful views of the Arabian Gulf. The rental price ranges from AED 80k to AED 159k depending upon the size and furnishing of the apartment.

    Dubai Marina Rental Apartments Price Trends

    The annual and monthly costs of apartments for rents in Dubai Marina varies depending on several factors which include:

    •    Area per square feet of the apartment for rent
    •    Number of bedrooms
    •    Availability of parking space
    •    Availability of garden area
    •    The location of the apartment/flat
    •    Ease of access to schools, hospitals, parks and other facilities

    Finding Apartments for Rent in Dubai Marina

    Dubai is a popular destination for people looking for attractive work and business opportunities. The residential properties in Dubai Marina are in high demand due to the ever-increasing number of tenants. It is hard to choose from the large pool of options available and all the factors must be considered before deciding. The steps involved in finding the perfect apartment on rent involved the following:

    Search through property listings

    The initial stage while renting apartments in Dubai Marina involves and an exclusive online search of property listings. After going through these listing short-lists a few apartments which suit your lifestyle and budget as well. You can apply a few filters as well which will speed up the search and help you list down options which match your search criteria. You must have a clear idea about which type of furnishing you need or the area and facilities you are looking for.

    Visit the property

    The second step is to visit the short-listed properties to determine which apartment or flat falls perfectly in terms of your requirements  and budget. This will help you narrow down your choices even more and rent an apartment in Dubai Marina successfully.

    Making an offer for Renting Apartments in Dubai Marina

    After you have decided which apartment fits your criteria best, then it’s the time to make an offer and reserve that property in Dubai Marina. You must keep check of your finances as well to submit the advance payment and security charges on time.

    The offer must also contain details about whether you want to rent an apartment for an annual or monthly basis. After all the terms and conditions have been finalized you can also pay a visit to the neighbourhood.

    Property reservation

    Gather all the requirements documents, make payments and reserve the selected apartment or flat for rent in Dubai Marina. The documents you will need include:

    •    Passport copy
    •    Resident visa copy