1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai

1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai
1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai
1 bed 2 baths
Wasl Building, Al Karama, Dubai
AED 67,000


1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai
1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai
1 bed 2 baths
Al Hudaiba, Al Hudaibah, Dubai
AED 68,000


1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai
1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai
1 bed 2 baths
England Cluster, International City, Dubai
AED 34,000


1 bed 2 baths 734 sqft
New Dubai Gate 1, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai
AED 48,000


1 bed 1 bath 968 sqft
Ocean Heights, Dubai Marina, Dubai
AED 75,000


1 bed 1 bath 787 sqft
Jeewar Tower, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai
AED 47,999


1 bed 2 baths 2766 sqft
Elite Sports Residence 1, Dubai Sports City, Dubai
AED 40,000


1 bed 1 bath 998 sqft
Golf Tower 3, The Views, Dubai
AED 75,000


1 bed 2 baths 750 sqft
Phase 2, International City, Dubai
AED 32,000


1 bed 2 baths 890 sqft
DAMAC Maison Majestine, Business Bay, Dubai
AED 75,000


1 bed 1 bath 595 sqft
Jenna Main Square 2, Town Square, Dubai
AED 45,000


1 bed 2 baths 819 sqft
Capital Bay, Business Bay, Dubai
AED 70,000


1 bed 2 baths 783 sqft
Eaton Place, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai
AED 75,000


1 bed 2 baths 759 sqft
Silicon Heights 2, Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), Dubai
AED 45,000


1 bed 2 baths 1119 sqft
Apartment Building 4, Bluewaters, Dubai
AED 125,000


1 bed 2 baths 838 sqft
Marina Gate 2, Dubai Marina, Dubai
AED 95,000


1 bed 2 baths 898 sqft
MAG 218, Dubai Marina, Dubai
AED 69,000


1 bed 2 baths 705 sqft
The Lofts Central, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
AED 82,000


1 bed 2 baths 714 sqft
Standpoint Tower 2, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
AED 90,000


1 bed 2 baths 1091 sqft
South Ridge 5, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
AED 90,000


1 bed 3 baths 992 sqft
The Links East Tower, The Views, Dubai
AED 85,000


1 bed 2 baths 915 sqft
Al Habtoor City, Business Bay, Dubai
AED 85,000


1 bed 2 baths 997 sqft
DAMAC Towers By Paramount Tower D, Business Bay, Dubai
AED 72,000


Apartment Types
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    1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai

    Dubai is popular for its magnanimous skyscrapers, enormous shopping malls, prestigious landmarks and amazing architectures. Dubai is located along the coast of the Persian Gulf and this amazing city is rich in scenic views and beautiful locations. 

    Dubai is a diverse and vibrant city and the constant economic growth and development have led to making it one of the most robust growing business hubs across the globe. The vast number of business opportunities and skilled professionals makes it a perfect location for building up your business and career. The people relocating to Dubai for business or job opportunities need to settle down and most of them prefer one bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai.

    The cities and communities located in Dubai are rich in residential buildings and areas providing tenants with a high quality luxurious and dynamic lifestyle. In addition to providing robust and easy access basic life needs the number of attractions available in this lively state is astounding.

    1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai

    Types of one bedroom rental apartments

    The majority of skilled professionals relocating or moving to Dubai to pursue a career are travelling alone and renting a 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai is the most suitable residence available to them. These single bedroom apartments provide the tenants with easy access to public transport, nearness to a workspace and all the other amenities required to maintain a high lifestyle.

    The residential buildings in Dubai are well-equipped with amazing designs, spacious rooms and everything you need in order to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. The single bedroom rental apartments are categorized as follows:

    1 bedroom flat apartments for rent

    The residential towers in Dubai comprise of one-bedroom rental apartments of various sizes and architectures. These apartments present a perfect choice for individuals moving to Dubai for business or career opportunities. 

    Single bedroom flats are located in residential buildings situated near metro stations, business hubs, etc making it easier for tenants to get easy access to their offices.

    Hotel Room Apartments

    Another option available for people who prefer living alone can also choose hotel room apartments for rent in Dubai. These apartments are extremely comfortable to live in, offer additional services and perks and can be switched whenever needed without any inconvenience.

    1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai
    1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai

    Furnishing types for one bedroom rental apartments in Dubai

    The population of Dubai is an amalgamation of different cultures and traditions and this variety makes it an ideal place to live and get exposure to a huge variety of opportunities. The tenants seeking one-bedroom apartments can choose from a range of options and additional features such as furnishing types, apartment size, view, etc.

    The types of furnishing available for people looking for 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai include the following:


    Furnished single bedroom apartments are equipped with basic furniture units such as a giant beg, cabinets, study table, etc. The furnished apartments will be comparatively more expensive as compared to other furnished types but it will save time as well.


    In case you are very choosy and specific about your furniture, then you must choose an unfurnished apartment and furnish it according to your personal preferences and choices after moving in.


    The apartments included in this furnishing type are partially furnished which helps the tenants save money and time in furnishing the whole apartment but still give it a personalized look.

    1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai

    Popular Residential Areas for renting one-bedroom apartments in Dubai

    Dubai is an astounding destination for people travelling from all over the world as it offers them with a variety of locations to live in. From the beautiful beaches of Dubai Marina to tallest buildings of Downtown Dubai, people looking for apartments for rent can choose from a huge pool of options and live the life of their dreams.

    On the basis of business and job opportunities, living standard and word class facilities the best locations for renting a 1 bedroom apartment are listed below:

    Price Trends for 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai

    The cost of rent for a single bedroom apartment varies depending upon the city, location, size and other similar factors involved. In terms of residencies, Dubai Marina is the most popular choice among people moving to Dubai. 

    The average rent for a single bedroom apartment ranges from AED 50K to AED 80k per year. With a decline in the rental property prices in Dubai during the recent years, the average cost for renting a one-bedroom apartment will fall even further depending upon the location of the residence.

    Features of one bedroom rental apartments

    The apartments for rent comprising of a single bedroom are designed in such a manner to provide the tenants with maximum comfort and luxury in a limited space. 1 bedroom apartments or flats in Dubai are equipped with all the facilities and amenities which ensure that you are able to maintain a high living standard. The features to look for while renting a single bedroom residence include the following:

    •   The bedroom must be Spacious 
    •   The Lounge must be well-architecture
    •   Fully equipped kitchen and restroom
    •   The kitchen must be spacious and the bathroom and kitchen fittings must be in good condition
    •   A good sized makeup mirror 
    •   A good view from the window or balcony
    •   Parking attached to the residential buildings  and security guards available 
    •   Easy access to amenities like hospitals, pharmacies, schools, metro stations, supermarkets, etc.

    Amenities available in 1 bedroom apartments for rent

    In addition to basic facilities the amenities which must be provided in a single bedroom rental apartment for maintaining a cozy and comfortable lifestyle include the following:

    • A comfortable bedroom sofa
    • Work desk
    • Smart TV
    • King Sized Bed
    • Kitchen utensils like Refrigerator, Dish Water, Oven, Kettle, etc.
    • Bathroom equipment like a washing machine, dryer, etc.
    • Wi-fi
    • Availability of extra-beds
    • The elevator of a residential building

    How to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai?

    The procedure for renting a property in Dubai involves extensive online research and consultancies with real estate agents as a huge variety of options are available. After going through each step mentioned below you will be able to rent a single bedroom apartment for yourself successfully: 

    View Property Listings

    Property websites are the widest spread, reliable and easily accessible resources while looking for one-bedroom rental apartments in Dubai. Visit the property website; apply relevant filters like city, furnishing type, area per square, etc and go through the filtered results. 

    Short-list your options

    After reviewing these listings in details short-list a few suitable options among these and conduct further research on the feasibility, the budget required and other pros and cons of these shortlisted options. You can either choose a residential building as your next home or a hotel room as well depending upon your personal preferences.

    Visit the apartment or hotel

    The next step is to pay a visit to the short-listed 1 bedroom apartments and make sure that all the facilities are available or not. You can also visit the neighbourhood before concluding your decision.

    Price Negotiation

    After finalizing the apartment for rent, set up a meeting with the real estate agent or apartment owner and negotiate on the annual rent to be paid by you.

    Sign the contract 

    After all the terms and conditions are finalized and a budget has been set, an agreement is prepared and signed by both the parties involved.

    Submit documents

    The next step is the submission of mandatory documents required which include:

    • Copy of Passport 
    • Copy of Residence Permit

    After successful submission of these documents, you are now ready to move into your next one-bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai and enjoy a luxurious and upbeat lifestyle.

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