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Residential Townhouses for Sale in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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The Palm Tower Residences by Nakheel TBC

Townhouses and Houses for Sale in the UAE

The UAE welcomes an influx of visitors from across the globe every year. Some people visit this country for tourism while for others, it is the sound economy and employment/business opportunities that have attracted them. Either way, everyone needs a place to stay in the country. And to cater to this requirement, the country houses numerous types of properties. Particularly, for those who are planning to make the UAE their second home, they are spoilt for choices. From ultra-luxury apartments and penthouses to lavish villas and townhouses, the options are plenty.

Among all these property types, offers for townhouses for sale in UAE have seen a surge in recent years. These housing units are separate dwellings that usually have a shared wall with their next-door neighbours. Available in different configurations i.e. number of rooms, townhouses offer a private and secure lifestyle with modern amenities.

Major cities in the UAE have offers for luxury townhouses for sale. You can buy them in the furnished, unfurnished and semi-furnished state. Other than that, they also vary in terms of structural design. Some townhouses are available in traditional designs while others are constructed in modern style. Similarly, they also differ with regards to the amenities and facilities they offer. Some common amenities that come with owning a townhouse are:

  • Swimming pool

  • Advanced security

  • Storage area

  • Maid’s room

  • Terrace

  • Parking space

Popular Cities for Townhouses for Sale in the UAE

Although Dubai and Abu Dhabi are popular for people looking for these dwellings, the selection of the city for exploring townhouses for sale in UAE depends on various factors. Among them, the most prominent one is the place you have set up your business or landed a job at. For instance, if you have set up a business in Abu Dhabi, you wouldn’t want to look for townhouses for sale in Dubai.

Other than employment/business opportunity, other factors that can impact this decision is your budget and the purpose of buying. For example, if you intend to buy it for investment purposes, it doesn’t matter if the property you have selected is located in the same area/city you work. It should be situated in an area that is predicted to grow in terms of ROI. That said, you can sort through the following offers:

Price Trends for Townhouses for Sale in the UAE

As townhouses are considered to be luxury properties, their rates tend to stay on the stable side. This makes them suitable for investment purposes. You can either rent them out or sell at high rates to earn ROI.

Offers for luxury townhouses for sale are also popular among home buyers. As people now prefer living in bigger spaces, the trend for relocating to townhouses has gained popularity as well. Having said that, bear in mind that numerous factors impact the price of townhouses. These include the location of the property, the number of rooms it has, amenities and facilities it boasts of etc.

Steps to Buy a Townhouse in the UAE

Follow these steps discussed below to buy a townhouse in the UAE:

Define Your Requirements

Before you start sorting through offers for townhouses for sale in UAE, be clear with your requirements. For example, if you want a townhouse constructed in a particular style, look for specific offers only. Similarly, decide the number of rooms you want on your property beforehand as well.

Explore Property Listings

Once you have defined your requirements, it’s time to go townhouse hunting. For this, explore property listings for townhouses for sale at Zoom Property. Use the available filters to shortlist listings.

Have Virtual Tours

The next step is to have virtual tours of selected properties. This way, you will be able to take a glimpse of the shortlisted property right from the comfort of your home.

Visit Selected Townhouses

Then, visit and inspect selected townhouses. This is an important phase of the entire process; thus, be very diligent and observant. If you feel there’s an issue with the property, don’t hesitate to bring it to the notice of the agent/seller.

Look for Amenities

Some people tend to neglect this aspect but bear in mind that amenities and facilities play a big role in defining and improving the living experience. So, ensure the townhouse you have selected comes with modern facilities. The rooms should be airy and spacious. Furthermore, fittings and fixtures should be in good condition. There should be a swimming pool and the property must be secured using state of the art measures.

Reserve the Property

If you have liked the townhouse that suits your budget and fits your needs as well, the last step is to reserve it under your name. For this, you need to have the required documents with you including a valid Emirates ID and passport. Furthermore, you will also have to sign an agreement and make the down payment at this stage as well. 

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