Apartments for Sale in Dubai

Apartments for Sale in Dubai
Apartments for Sale in Dubai
AED 1,870,000
2 3 1,485 sqft
Mudon Views, Mudon, Dubai


Apartments for Sale in Dubai
Apartments for Sale in Dubai
AED 4,895,000
3 1,935 sqft
Bluewaters Residences, Bluewaters, Dubai


Apartments for Sale in Dubai
Apartments for Sale in Dubai
AED 600,000
1 2 968 sqft
Mediterranean Cluster, Discovery Gardens, Dubai


Apartments for Sale in Dubai
Apartments for Sale in Dubai
AED 1,500,000
2 3 1,733 sqft
Lake Almas East, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai


Apartments for Sale in Dubai
Apartments for Sale in Dubai
AED 600,000
1 2 968 sqft
Mediterranean Cluster, Discovery Gardens, Dubai


Apartments for Sale in Dubai
Apartments for Sale in Dubai
AED 1,500,000
2 3 1,733 sqft
Lake Almas East, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai


AED 825,000
1 1 490 sqft
Radisson Hotel In DAMAC Hills, DAMAC Hills (Akoya By DAMAC), Dubai


AED 470,000
-1 1 390 sqft
Meydan One, Meydan, Dubai


AED 1,750,000
2 3 1,280 sqft
Sobha Hartland, Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR), Dubai


AED 1,300,000
-1 2 461 sqft
The Heart Of Europe, The World Islands, Dubai


AED 7,361,000
4 5 3,051 sqft
La Vie, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Dubai


AED 2,838,000
2 3 1,651 sqft
Marsa Plaza, Dubai Festival City, Dubai


AED 1,416,600
1 2 887 sqft
Port De La Mer, Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 798,936
2 3 887 sqft
Rigel, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai


AED 999,999
1 2 878 sqft
The Lofts East, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 750,000
1 2 1,000 sqft
Sherlock House 1, Motor City, Dubai


AED 2,400,000
4 5 2,980 sqft
Sadaf, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Dubai


AED 1,728,050
3 4 1,807 sqft
Al Andalus, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai


AED 1,499,999
2 2 2,156 sqft
Tanaro, The Views, Dubai


AED 1,122,250
1 2 1,050 sqft
Vincitore Palacio, Arjan, Dubai


AED 1,849,999
2 3 1,100 sqft
Silverene Tower A, Dubai Marina, Dubai


AED 888,888
1 2 871 sqft
District 7, Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR), Dubai


AED 1,227,000
2 3 1,369 sqft
Al Andalus, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai


AED 967,500
1 2 1,023 sqft
Al Andalus, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai


AED 2,910,000
2 3 1,300 sqft
Imperial Avenue, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 510,000
1 1 661 sqft
Lawnz By Danube, International City, Dubai


Apartment Types
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    Apartments for Sale in Dubai

    Rightly termed as the ‘land of opportunities’, Dubai is home to people belonging to 200 nationalities. This city nestles in itself numerous sky-touching buildings & various other marvels that grab the attention of everyone on the first glance. Other than that, the soaring economy of the city, aesthetic architecture, and vibrant environment of the city are other top factors that have contributed to its popularity.

    If these reasons are not enough, the city offers high living standard that attract a lot of people belonging to different cultures to relocate here. This, coupled with the astonishing views, makes for a vital reason to move here and explore opportunities to buy apartment.

    Living spaces in this city, apartments, in particular, are laced with modern amenities and facilities. The emergence of new residential developments home to luxurious and trendy apartments have also helped people to find a comfortable and modern living space. These projects usually have offers for 1 and 2-BHK apartments for sale. However, some of them also feature 3-BHK, 4-BHK, 5-BHK apartments making them more suitable for families.

    Keeping aside the number of bedrooms, there are three major types of apartments for sale available in Dubai. These include:

    It is up to the buyer to select the type of apartment that perfectly fits their needs and suits their budget.

    Apartments for sale in Dubai

    Popular Areas for Dubai Flats on Sale

    Whether you are looking for living space within the city surrounded by wonderful landmarks or away from its hustle & bustle, Dubai has a lot in store for you. It has neighbourhoods developing in all parts offering a premium lifestyle for everyone. Moreover, a large pool of facilities & luxuries offered in these areas also helps to attract buyers.

    Keeping in view the location, facilities offered, nearby landmarks, ease of access, and various other factors, experts at Zoom Property have come up with a list of popular areas in Dubai for apartments for sale worth checking. Whether you are looking to buy a property for residing or investment purposes, you can find ample opportunities in these areas:

    These areas enjoy a high demand for the dynamic lifestyle they offer and abundant facilities.

    Apartments for sale in Dubai
    Apartments for sale in Dubai

    Price Trends for Apartments for Sale in Dubai

    Numerous factors influence the price trends for apartments in Dubai. The most primary one is their location. An apartment located in a posh neighbourhood that is close to various landmarks of the city costs more than the one that is situated in a far off area. Similarly, the price also depends on the fact whether you are looking for 1-BHK apartments for sale offers or a flat having 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. The furnishing of an apartment is another major deciding factor in terms of its price. If an apartment is furnished, it costs more than semi and unfurnished ones and vice versa.

    Other than that, factors such as amenities available i.e. swimming pool, gardens, outdoor area, etc. also affect the price. Other facilities available such as nearby medical centres, educational institutes, shopping malls, entertainment venues also have an impact on the price of an apartment.

    Apartments for Sale in Dubai

    Steps to Buy Apartments in Dubai

    The steps which must be followed in order to buy an apartment in Dubai are mentioned below:

    View Apartment Listings

    The process commences with viewing apartment listings. For this, you will have to go through all the available options. To be able to do this, you need to be crystal clear about your requirements and the type of apartment you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a furnished 2-BHK apartment in a particular area or set of areas, you should limit your search towards the same.

    Have Virtual Property Tours

    Before planning a visit to short-listed apartments, enjoy some benefits of advanced technology and have virtual tours. Many developers now allow buyers to visit apartments for sale and have a closer look to them via online means. With the help of these virtual tours, you will be able to narrow down your choices even further. It’s a great way to save your time while buying a new apartment as you won’t have to physically visit every apartment you have short-listed.

    Visit the Apartments

    The next, and an important, step is to visit the apartments you have short-listed. Look for even the smallest of details during your visit. You may get hold of some issues in the property that can help you to negotiate the price. Also, make a point to visit the neighbourhood and determine the ambience surrounding your future home. Talk to the neighbours if possible and ask about the common issues they face. This will help you to make an informed decision.

    Look for Features & Facilities

    When selecting an apartment in Dubai, prioritize your comfort and convenience over everything else. It greatly impacts your way of living. So, make sure the apartment you have selected is laced with modern facilities and features including:

    •       Spacious rooms
    •       Abundance of natural sunlight that creates a bright and pleasant ambience
    •       Pleasant views of the surrounding areas
    •       A parking area adjoined to the residential building
    •       A calm and peaceful neighbourhood
    •       The fittings of kitchen and washroom etc. must be in good condition
    •       Availability of a fitness centre and swimming pool in the building
    •       Easy access to metro stations or other means of commute
    •       Availability of advanced, 24*7 security measures
    •       There should be no construction site nearby
    •       The apartments or flats must be pet-friendly

    Apartment Reservation in Dubai

    The final step here is the reservation of the apartment you have finalised. For this, you will have to sign the agreement on the dotted lines. The agreement contains all the details related to the deal you have finalised i.e. cost, service charges (if any), down payment, instalments, etc. Once the contract has been signed, you will have to complete paperwork so that the property can be transferred to your name. For this, you need the following documents:

    •       Original Passport
    •       Copy of residency permit

    After performing all these steps, you will become a proud owner of a luxury apartment in Dubai.