Residential Properties for Sale in Town Square

AED 1,199,888
3 4 2,072 sqft
Noor Townhouses, Town Square, Dubai


AED 999,999
3 3 1,544 sqft
Hayat Boulevard, Town Square, Dubai


AED 909,850
1 2 943 sqft
Rawda Apartments, Town Square, Dubai


AED 1,200,000
3 3 2,134 sqft
Noor Townhouses, Town Square, Dubai


AED 690,000
2 2 882 sqft
Safi I, Town Square, Dubai


AED 1,479,888
4 4 2,325 sqft
Noor Townhouses, Town Square, Dubai


AED 790,000
3 4 1,341 sqft
Zahra Apartments 1A, Town Square, Dubai


AED 525,000
1 2 595 sqft
Safi I, Town Square, Dubai


AED 1,325,000
3 4 2,235 sqft
Hayat Townhouses, Town Square, Dubai


AED 650,000
2 2 897 sqft
Zahra Breeze Apartments 4A, Town Square, Dubai


AED 625,000
2 2 943 sqft
Zahra Apartments 3A, Town Square, Dubai


AED 600,000
1 2 710 sqft
Hayat Boulevard, Town Square, Dubai


AED 525,000
1 1 637 sqft
Warda Apartments 2A, Town Square, Dubai


AED 1,010,888
3 4 1,407 sqft
Zahra Apartments 1A, Town Square, Dubai


AED 699,888
2 2 884 sqft
Zahra Apartments 1A, Town Square, Dubai


AED 1,180,000
3 4 2,160 sqft
Noor Townhouses, Town Square, Dubai


AED 640,000
2 2 906 sqft
Zahra Breeze Apartments 4A, Town Square, Dubai


AED 989,888
3 3 1,340 sqft
Zahra Apartments 1A, Town Square, Dubai


AED 679,999
1 2 602 sqft
Warda Apartments, Town Square, Dubai


AED 1,299,999
3 4 1,341 sqft
Zahra Breeze Apartments, Town Square, Dubai


    Residential Properties for Sale in Town Square

    Located on the outskirts of the city, Town Square is a calm and peaceful residential community laced with modern amenities and facilities. In a short span of time, it has gained a lot of popularity because of the serene ambience it features and luxuries it offers to the residents. The low rates of residential properties make for another major reason why this community has become popular with investors, buyers, and tenants alike.

    Developed by Nshama Group, Town Square boasts of a green environment providing the residents with an added element of freshness and bloom. It is situated along Al Qudra Road in close proximity to the site of much-anticipated global event World Expo 2020.

    Home to several parks and shaded walkways, Town Square features different types of residential properties. Interested buyers can select from:

    • Studio Apartments
    • 1, 2, and 3-Bedroom Apartments
    • 3 and 4-Bedroom Villas
    • Townhouses

    These residential properties for sale in Town Square area can be further categorised into three subtypes i.e. furnished, unfurnished, and semi-furnished residences.

    Popular Communities to Search Properties for Sale in Town Square Area

    Town Square features several communities promising exemplary lifestyle, full of comforts and conveniences. Each sub-community is masterfully planned and expertly designed to offer the best living experience to the residents. Some communities are dedicated to luxurious townhouses only while a few have villas. There are also Town Square Area apartments for sale in sub-communities dedicated for apartments and flats only. Residents can select from 1, 2, and 3-bedroom modern apartments having state of the art facilities and amenities.

    Let’s have a look at some of the popular sub-communities and residential projects located in Town Square:

    • Hayat Townhouses
    • Safi Townhouses
    • Safi Apartments
    • Zahra Apartments
    • Zahra Breeze Apartments
    • Noor Townhouses
    • Naseem Townhouses
    • Parkviews

    Price Trends for Town Square Area Properties for Sale

    As the area is located away from the busy city life, the prices are currently at the lower side. However, it’s enhanced connectivity and proximity to the EXPO 2020 site have helped it to rank among the most sought-after communities in Dubai. Real estate experts expect the prices of residential properties in the Town Square area to witness a hike in the future. Hence, it makes for a great investment opportunity. You can also buy a residential property here and give it on the rent to have a continuous stream of income.

    Property rates in Town Square depend on numerous factors. The prominent among them is the type of property you want to buy. For example, if you plan to buy villas, the prices are going to be on the higher side. On the other hand, studios and apartments are relatively inexpensive. Apart from that, it’s the sub-community in which the property is located holds paramount importance when it comes to the price. Other important factors are the number of rooms, amenities available, security measures, etc

    Steps to Buy Residential Property in Town Square

    The following are the necessary steps you need to take if you want to buy a property in the Town Square area:

    Finalise the Type of Property

    First of all, select the type of property. Decide beforehand whether you want to buy an apartment, penthouse or villa, townhouse. This decision must be taken after considering different factors i.e. the purpose (investment or relocating), budget, etc. Once you have finalised the property, look for property listings accordingly. For instance, browse through penthouse for sale offers if you plan to buy these ultra-luxurious living spaces.

    View Property Listings

    The next step is to browse through different properties available in the area. You can easily find these listings online on portal. There is also an option to apply filters to narrow down the search results to properties that cater to your interest.

    Have Virtual Property Tours

    Instead of visiting every property, take its virtual tour. These are 3D walkthroughs that will help you to know about basic and extensive details about the properties.

    Visit the Properties

    Next, visit each property you have short-listed. Pay attention to every nitty-gritty detail when inspecting them. The best approach is to take the help of a professional in this regard. While viewing the property, spare a glance to the neighbourhood it is located in as well.

    Look for Features & Facilities

    The features, facilities, and amenities a property offers have a direct effect on the living standard. Thus, make sure it has all that you require. Some common features and facilities people look for when buying a residential property in Town Square are:

    • Spacious and airy rooms with ample sunlight
    • Pleasant views of the surrounding areas
    • A designated parking area
    • A calm and serene neighbourhood
    • Good condition of bathroom and kitchen fixtures
    • Availability of a fitness centre and swimming pool in or around the property
    • Easy access to metro stations or other means of commute
    • Availability of advanced security measures

    Property Reservation

    After you have selected the property, complete all the formalities as specified by the Dubai government and you will be able to reserve the property. You need to have your valid Emirates ID and passport to complete the transaction. Remember the fact that the requirements may be different for expats and GCC Nationals.