Properties for Sale in The Palm Jumeirah

AED 2,300,000
1 2 1,588 sqft
Tanzanite (Tiara Residences), The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 1,702,400
-1 2 506 sqft
The Palm Tower, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 17,900,000
4 5 6,583 sqft
FIVE Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 1,800,000
1 2 1,525 sqft
Anantara Residences South, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 4,500,000
3 5 4,188 sqft
Kempinski Palm Residence, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 15,910,000
4 5 3,492 sqft
One At Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 24,999,000
5 6 7,419 sqft
The Alef Residences, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 11,950,000
4 5 5,209 sqft
Diamond (Tiara Residences), The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 3,624,000
2 3 1,502 sqft
Mina By Azizi, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 1,550,000
2 3 1,995 sqft
Al Khushkar, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 4,500,000
3 4 2,919 sqft
FIVE Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 6,399,000
4 5 5,000 sqft
Garden Homes, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 3,950,000
3 4 2,139 sqft
Al Dabas, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 23,500,000
4 5 6,329 sqft
One At Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 3,300,000
4 5 4,915 sqft
Al Hallawi, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 18,936,205
4 5 4,792 sqft
Muraba Residences, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 3,200,000
2 3 3,996 sqft
Marina Residences 5, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 3,400,000
2 3 1,830 sqft
FIVE Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 1,050,000
studio 1 317 sqft
Dukes Dubai Oceana, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


AED 5,199,980
3 6 6,849 sqft
The Fairmont Palm Residence South, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


    Properties for Sale in The Palm Jumeirah

    Palm Jumeirah certainly needs no introduction. This exclusive residential community has become an identity of Dubai as the luxuries and amenities it offers are available nowhere else. Known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, it is undoubtedly the most fascinating offshore destination in the city. It has a trunk alongside 17 fronds in a circular crescent. The uniqueness of this island is not only due to its palm tree-like look, it’s because of various captivating features it boasts of.  

    This mesmerising artificial archipelago is part of the three Palm Islands, the other two are Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali. it has a spectacular golden beach line where you can take a stroll during your free time and spend some pleasant time with your loved ones in the serene ambience created by the captivating crystal blue waters all around.

    Palm Jumeirah has an unmatched serene and relaxing environment. Residents can enjoy the spectacular sights of the water and Dubai’s blistering skyline from their ultra-luxury living spaces. Home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the city, it also nestles in itself many fine dining options and recreational activity centres.

    Finding a residence in Palm Jumeirah is a dream come true for everyone. Those who are looking for properties for sale in Palm Jumeirah, the options are limitless. You can find luxury apartments, townhouses, and villas in this enthralling island in a range of latest architectural designs and styles. They are built in such a way that they provide unobstructed views of the blue waters of Arabian Gulf. The sight of sunset right from your villa’s windows is surely going to be magnificent.

    For an ultimate lavish living experience, you can opt for a furnished villa on this island. Explore Palm Jumeirah villas for sale offers to buy the best of the lot. For those who do not want furnished villas, they can opt for semi and unfurnished ones. You can also rent a flat in Palm Jumeirah and experience an extravagant lifestyle this island offers.

    Popular Properties for Sale in Palm Jumeirah

    Palm Jumeirah features numerous residential properties. Each one is designed to perfection and planned masterfully. There can’t be a better option than these properties if you are looking for a beachfront residence in Dubai. Laced with first-class lifestyle amenities and conveniences, these properties can greatly improve your life quality.

    The selection of the property depends on your budget and the features you want in it. Here are some popular ones you can select from if you are looking to buy apartments, villas or penthouses in Palm Jumeirah:

    • Seven Palm
    • Serenia Residences
    • Golden Mile
    • Shoreline Apartments
    • One At Palm Jumeirah
    • Marina Residences
    • Mina By Azizi
    • Trunk
    • FIVE Palm Jumeirah
    • The Palm Tower
    • Kempinski Palm Residence
    • The Crescent
    • Azure Residences
    • Signature Villas
    • Palma Residence
    • Four Pearls

    Price Trends of Palm Jumeirah Properties for Sale

    Whether you are looking for flats for sale or villas, knowing about the price trends in Palm Jumeirah holds paramount importance. These trends depend on various factors with property type being the prominent one. It goes without saying that villas are more expensive than apartments since they are spacious, have more rooms, and give sole authority over apartments. However, it’s not the only factors that impact the price.

    The residential property in which the living space is located in and the amenities available there also influence the rates. It is important to know about the pricing of apartments, villas, and townhouses located in Palm Jumeirah so that you can make an informed decision that is easy on your budget and provide you with all the luxuries and amenities you want in your ideal home.

    Steps to Buy Property in Palm Jumeirah

    Here is a list of important steps one should perform when buying a property in Palm Jumeirah:

    Select the Type of Property

    The process initialises with selecting the right type of property. This decision shouldn’t be taken on impulse. Rather, take your time and decide which type of property will suit you in the long run. For example, if you plan to settle with your family, a villa may prove to be a better option due to the lavish lifestyle it offers. Those who have budget constraints can go for apartments.

    Sort the Listings

    Once you have made up your mind with regards to the type of property, the next step is to sort the listings. Take help of the Zoom Portal for this purpose. You will have most sought-after offers for properties for sale in Palm Jumeirah on your screen. You can further sort this list by applying different filters available at the portal.

    Have Virtual Tour

    Now, instead of visiting every property in person, take a virtual tour. It will allow you to have a closer look at the facilities and amenities offered by a property and save your time at the same time. Shortlist the listings after taking their virtual tours.

    Visit the Property

    The next step is to visit the properties you have shortlisted. Carefully, analyse and inspect each detail to ensure you are making an informed decision. Right from interiors to exteriors, analyse anything carefully and diligently. Also, make sure the property has all the amenities and facilities, which were claimed by the developer.

    Reserve the Property

    Once you have selected the property you want to buy, the last step is to reserve it. For this, you need to sign some documents and make the down payment. Make a point to have your valid Emirates ID & passport in this stage.