Properties for Sale in Motor City

AED 2,980,000
3 6 5,419 sqft
Terrace Apartments, Motor City, Dubai


AED 650,000
1 2 1,052 sqft
Norton Court 1, Motor City, Dubai


AED 800,000
1 1 1,149 sqft
Sherlock House 1, Motor City, Dubai


AED 1,050,000
2 2 2,006 sqft
Foxhill 2, Motor City, Dubai


AED 920,000
2 3 1,358 sqft
Sherlock House 2, Motor City, Dubai


AED 750,000
1 2 1,421 sqft
Foxhill 9, Motor City, Dubai


AED 740,000
2 3 1,652 sqft
Sherlock House 2, Motor City, Dubai


AED 740,000
2 3 1,452 sqft
Sherlock House 1, Motor City, Dubai


AED 1,050,000
2 2 1,413 sqft
Widcombe House 1, Motor City, Dubai


AED 1,350,000
3 4 2,100 sqft
Dickens Circus 3, Motor City, Dubai


AED 1,320,000
3 4 2,800 sqft
Fox Hill, Motor City, Dubai


AED 1,017,900
1 2 1,566 sqft
Fox Hill 5, Motor City, Dubai


AED 675,000
1 2 927 sqft
Barton House 1, Motor City, Dubai


AED 670,000
1 2 1,050 sqft
Claverton House 2, Motor City, Dubai


AED 580,000
1 2 1,050 sqft
Regent House, Motor City, Dubai


AED 850,000
1 2 1,054 sqft
Dickens Circus 1, Motor City, Dubai


AED 525,000
studio 1 714 sqft
Regent House 2, Motor City, Dubai


AED 1,617,850
3 4 2,489 sqft
Fox Hill 5, Motor City, Dubai


AED 1,150,000
2 3 1,694 sqft
Dickens Circus 3, Motor City, Dubai


AED 6,700,000
5 6 6,188 sqft
Family Villa, Motor City, Dubai


    Properties for Sale in Motor City

    Motor City, a self-contained community, is based on a motor-sport theme that gives it an appealing and upbeat look. Known to have spacious residences and picturesque cobbled streets, it is a laid-back community featuring an array of residential properties in different configurations.

    The community is suitable for both families and singles as it provides residents with world-class amenities and facilities. A hub for fitness activities, the area encapsulates top-notch entertainment venues, medical facilities, shopping and retail centres along with scrumptious dining options. It also has beautiful parks that bring an element of freshness to the community.

    The area sits close to Dubai Studio City and Dubai Sports City. Depicting a modern and an active lifestyle from every aspect, Motor City enjoys great popularity as it features the famous Dubai Autodrome, an exceptional motorsport circuit in Dubai.

    Despite hosting a variety of sports-related activities, the ambience in Motor City is rather serene and peaceful. This is why families, in particular, prefer to settle here. For people looking for residential properties for sale in Motor City area, apartments, townhouses, and villas in varying configurations are available here. These living spaces are designed to perfection as per modern architectural values.

    Popular Locations for Properties for Sale in Motor City

    Motor City nestles in itself several sub-communities. Some of them are more suitable if you are looking for Motor City apartments for sale while a few can be preferred for townhouses and villas. Each of these sub-communities is masterfully planned and eloquently designed to provide residents with a luxurious and lavish lifestyle.

    Some of the popular sub-communities that you can select to settle are:

    • Uptown Motor City
    • Green Community
    • Oia Residence
    • Easton Court
    • Dicken House
    • Weston Court

    Price Trends of Residential Properties for Sale in Motor City Area

    The presence of Dubai Autodrome in this community helps to stabilise the price trends in Motor City. Therefore, making it safe for property investors and buyers. Adding to that, the tranquil lifestyle it offers has also made this community a popular one among those seeking a peaceful and quiet place to settle.

    As the area is popular among renters as well, you can buy a living space and put it on rent to have a continuous stream of income generating.

    For buying a property, consider the following factors as the price depends majorly on them:

    • The type of property
    • Configuration of property
    • Property’s location
    • Amenities and facilities available

    Steps to Buy a Residential Property in Motor City

    Follow these steps to buy a residential property in Motor City:

    Select the Type & Configuration

    The process starts with selecting the type of property. Carefully analyse your requirements and decide accordingly whether you want to buy townhouse, villa or an apartment. Also, ensure you have adequate finances for the selected type of property.

    Other than the type of property, finalise its configuration as well i.e. the number of rooms you need in your new home.

    View Listings

    The next step is to explore property listings. To be able to do this, you need to be crystal clear about your requirements and the type of residence you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for villas for sale in a particular area or set of areas, you should limit your search towards the same.

    You can find the most sought-after property listings for the Motor City area on Zoom Property online portal. You can also narrow down the results by applying relevant filters. These filters include area, furnishing type, number of bedrooms, etc.

    Have Virtual Property Tours

    Before planning a visit to short-listed apartments, enjoy some benefits of advanced technology and have virtual tours. Many property developers now allow buyers to visit apartments for sale and have a closer look at them via online means. With the help of these virtual tours, you will be able to narrow down your choices even further.

    Visit Properties

    The next, and an important, step is to visit the apartments you have short-listed. Look for the smallest of details during your visit. You may get hold of some issues in the property that can help you to negotiate the price.

    Look for Amenities & Facilities

    Facilities and amenities greatly impact your way of living. So, make sure the residence you have selected is laced with state of the art facilities and features including:

    • Spacious & airy rooms
    • Abundant natural sunlight that creates a bright and pleasant ambience
    • Pleasant views of the surrounding areas
    • Ample parking space
    • A calm and peaceful neighbourhood
    • Availability of a fitness centre and swimming pool in the building
    • Easy access to metro stations or other means of commute
    • Availability of advanced, 24*7 security measures

    Property Reservation in Motor City

    The final step is the reservation of the living space you have finalised. For this, you will have to sign the agreement on the dotted lines. Once the contract has been signed, you will have to complete paperwork so that the property can be transferred to your name. For this, you need the following documents:

    After performing all these steps, you will be able to reserve a property in your name in Motor City.