Properties for Sale in Dubai Investment Park

AED 1,100,000
2 2 2,047 sqft
Ritaj (Residential Complex), Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 850,000
2 4 1,493 sqft
The Centurion Residences, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 1,000,000
3 4 1,753 sqft
The Centurion Residences, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 1,050,000
2 4 1,538 sqft
Ritaj Tower, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 3,250,000
5 7 8,611 sqft
Family Villas, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 900,000
2 2 1,262 sqft
Lotus Residence, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 6,800,000
-1 17,405 sqft
Ewan Residences, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 530,000
1 2 940 sqft
Green Community, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 800,000
2 3 1,600 sqft
The Centurion Residences, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 850,000
2 3 1,494 sqft
The Centurion Residences, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 450,000
1 2 860 sqft
Ritaj Tower, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 800,000
2 2 1,641 sqft
The Centurion Residences, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 16,000,000
-1 4,996 sqft
Phase 1, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


AED 600,000
1 2 831 sqft
Ritaj Tower, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai


    Residential Properties for Sale in Dubai Investment Park

    Spanning over an area of 5,683 acres, Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is a bustling community featuring both residential and commercial properties. 

    Dubai Investment Park Development Company owns this mixed-use development, which has quickly become a prominent Dubai real estate destination. Featuring outstanding infrastructure and unparalleled amenities, it provides residents with an upscale lifestyle. Its close proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport further adds to its popularity and makes it easily accessible from other parts of the city.

    Since it houses commercial and industrial complexes, residents can find abundant employment opportunities here. For people looking for residential properties in DIP, they can find numerous offers for apartment units. These residences are available in both traditional and architectural designs. Laced with modern facilities and state of the art amenities, apartments in Dubai Investment Park are available for sale in different configurations.

    Popular Developments in Dubai Investment Park

    As stated above, Dubai Investment Park nestles in itself 7 residential complexes. The residential area also encompasses beautiful and well-maintained gardens along with waterways. This adds an element of serenity and tranquillity to the community, making it exude a fresh aura around.

    The 7 complexes in DIP are:

    • The Green Community
    • The Palisades
    • Ritaj
    • Dunes Village
    • Dubai Lagoon
    • EWAN Residences
    • Staff Accommodation

    For the most sought-after properties for sale in Dubai Investment Park, you can select any of the following developments, which meets your needs and suits your budget.

    • The Centurion Residence
    • Ritaj Tower
    • Ewan Residences
    • Ritaj
    • Lotus Residences

    Price Trends of Properties for Sale in DIP

    The community is preferred by investors and buyers alike. For investors, high profit is the main attraction while for buyers, it’s the employment opportunities and a premium lifestyle.

    Price trends for properties for sale in Dubai Investment Park are expected to produce high ROI in the coming times. The area is more popular for studio apartments as they offer the highest ROI; however, apartment units in other configurations can also generate high ROI for investors, provided they are a part of a popular development and feature modern amenities.

    Property rates at DIP depend on numerous factors including the number of rooms, amenities it offers, location, architectural design etc.

    Steps to Buy a Residential Property in DIP

    Have a look at the list of important steps one needs to go through when buying a property in DIP:

    Finalize Details

    The first step, generally, is to select the type of property. However, since you only have the option to buy apartments in DIP, you need to finalise other details such as the number of rooms, design, structure etc. This decision shouldn’t be taken on impulse. It is important to consider various important factors such as your requirements and the budget and find a property in Dubai that will suit you in the long run.

    Explore Listings

    After finalizing the basic details, the next step is to explore listings. Visit Zoom Property to get authentic details for properties for sale in Dubai Investment Park. You can further sort this list by applying different filters available at the portal.

    Have Virtual Tour

    Next, have virtual tours of selected properties. By having a virtual tour, you will be able to take a glimpse of the design, configuration and amenities of a particular property. With this facility, you won’t have to visit every property mentioned in the listings. This will save your time and effort while making the entire process easy for you.

    Visit the Property

    After sorting properties on the basis of virtual tours, the next step is to visit shortlisted properties one by one. During your visit, make sure you are paying attention to each and every aspect of the property. Also, know about building rules and regulations. If possible, talk to other residents of the building to know about their experience.

    Amenities and Facilities

    Look for the amenities and facilities, a residential property offers. Not many people pay attention to this, they go by the word of the developer and expect the property they have purchased to feature modern amenities. However, it may not happen in every case. You need to make sure, before signing on the dotted lines, that the property has the facilities, which were promised by the developer/seller.

    Some of the amenities and facilities a residential property must feature are:

    • Spacious and well-lit rooms with proper ventilation
    • Floor-to-ceiling windows
    • Pleasant ambiance
    • Refreshing views of the surrounding areas
    • Ample parking space
    • Medical, entertainment, shopping, and educational facilities located in close proximity

    Reserve the Property

    After you have finalized an apartment and locked all other details, the final step to secure the deal is to reserve it under your name. For this, you will have to sign an agreement and make the down payment. It is important to have the necessary documents with you including a valid Emirates ID and passport at this stage.

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