Residential Properties for Sale in Al Warsan

AED 5,063,500
-1 42,195 sqft
Al Warsan 1, Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 510,000
1 2 650 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 275,000
-1 1 375 sqft
Rivington Heights, Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 760,000
2 2 933 sqft
OLIVZ By Danube, Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 540,000
1 2 632 sqft
OLIVZ By Danube, Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 520,000
1 2 635 sqft
OLIVZ By Danube, Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 285,000
-1 1 348 sqft
Benaa G10, Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 275,000
-1 1 363 sqft
Al Warsan 2, Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 720,000
2 3 940 sqft
OLIVZ By Danube, Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 285,000
-1 1 377 sqft
Rivington Heights, Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 730,000
2 2 935 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 320,000
-1 1 450 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 555,000
1 1 632 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 570,000
1 1 636 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 530,000
1 1 638 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 735,000
2 2 935 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 766,000
2 2 935 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 735,000
2 2 935 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


AED 527,000
1 1 631 sqft
Al Warsan, Dubai


    Residential Properties for Sale in Al Warsan

    Al Warsan is a relatively new, mixed-use district located in close proximity to International City, Nad Al Sheba and Al Warqaa. Known to have a lively and pleasant ambience, it features residential units in different configurations amidst lush greenery and open spaces.

    Although tucked a little away from the city, it can be accessed conveniently through two major highways i.e. Ras Al Khor Road (E44) and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). Planned to offer residents a modern lifestyle, it makes an ideal community for both professionals and families.

    Interested buyers can choose from Al Warsan area apartments for sale. They come in different configurations and forms (furnished, non-furnished and semi-furnished). As some part of the area is under construction, there is also an opportunity to explore offers for land for sale in Al Warsan.

    Popular Properties for Sale in Al Warsan

    The area of Al Warsan is divided into four different sub-communities. These are:

    • Warsan 1
    • Warsan 2
    • Warsan 3
    • Warsan 4

    In each district, buyers can find residential buildings nestling apartments in different configurations. Other than that, they also feature lands where construction is yet to start. Those who are looking for properties in Dubai for investment purposes, they can buy an apartment or land here.

    Some of the popular properties and districts suitable for buyers and investors are:

    • OLIVZ by the Danube
    • Al Warsan 1
    • Rivington Heights
    • Al Warsan 2
    • Benaa G10

    When selecting the property, take into account different factors including your purpose of investment, requirements and the budget. This will help you to make an informed decision.

    Price Trends for Residential Properties for Sale in Al Warsan

    Currently, property rates in Al Warsan are at the lower side since the area is not fully developed yet. Therefore, it makes the right choice for buyers and investors. Anyone who is looking to buy an affordable property in Dubai, Al Warsan has abundant opportunities for them.

    As stated earlier, it is located at a distance from the city; however, convenient travel options and enhanced connectivity makes up for it. Furthermore, it neighbours International City, which is a popular destination in the city of gold.

    Property prices in Al Warsan depend on various factors including but are not limited to the size it occupies, the number of rooms it has and amenities it offers.

    Steps to Buy a Residential Property for Sale in Al Warsan

    Follow these steps below if you plan to buy a residential property for sale in Al Warsan:

    Select the Type

    The first step is to select the type of property. Decide whether you want to buy an apartment or land and then move to the next step. Carefully evaluate and compare the pros and cons of each option before making this decision.

    Explore Listings

    Once you have decided the type of property, explore listings for residential properties for sale in Al Warsan. You can find them at Zoom Property’s portal. These listings can further be narrowed down by applying different filters available such as minimum price, maximum price, the type of property, the number of rooms etc.

    Have Virtual Tours

    This step can significantly help you to save time while exploring and buying residential properties for sale in Al Warsan. Instead of visiting every property, have virtual tours. A virtual tour of a selected property will give a glimpse of its exterior, interiors and facilities it can provide you with. Therefore, it will be easy for you to decide whether it matches your requirement or not.

    Visit Selected Properties

    After having virtual tours, visit properties you have shortlisted one by one. This is an important step; thus, you need to pay attention to each and every aspect of the property. If there’s any confusion, ambiguity, concern or a question, don’t hesitate in asking the seller or the agent.

    Check Facilities and Amenities

    Lifestyle a residential project offers depends greatly on the facilities and amenities it has. This is why it is important to keep them into consideration when buying a residential property. Generally, most commonly found amenities that come with a residential project include shared swimming pools, park, play area for kids, fitness centre, a pleasant ambience, soothing views of the surrounding, airy and well-lit room etc.

    Reserve the Property

    This is the last step to buy a property. You will need to sign the contract and arrange for necessary documents. Also, keep your valid emirates ID and passport to complete legal formalities while reserving the property in your name.