Mirdif Apartments for Sale

AED 2,734,322
3 4 2,531 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,458,000
2 3 1,350 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 552,000
studio 1 460 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,524,388
2 3 1,412 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 972,000
1 2 780 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,537,757
2 3 1,424 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,630,000
2 2 1,321 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 936,000
1 2 780 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,926,962
2 3 1,784 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,015,672
1 2 778 sqft
Al Multaqa Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 972,000
1 2 781 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,723,873
3 3 1,596 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,467,425
2 3 1,359 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 539,000
-1 1 460 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 995,536
1 2 763 sqft
Al Multaqa Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,759,678
3 4 1,629 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,785,137
3 4 1,652 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,620,294
2 3 1,500 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 995,748
1 2 760 sqft
Al Multaqa Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,688,533
2 3 1,563 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


    Apartments for Sale in Mirdif

    The dynamic and modern nature of Dubai attracts millions of people every year, hence making it one of the most popular Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE, the city of the future is home to people belonging to different cultures and ethnicities. The economy of Dubai continues to grow year on year, proving it an ideal place to buy apartments for sale in Dubai. Mirdif is an established residential area that is situated in a good location in Dubai, making it an ideal community to live. There is a great variation of apartments for sale in Mirdif.

    Mirdif lies directly on the Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed road and adjacent to Mushrif Park. Like many areas of Dubai, Mirdif has a transnational population of roughly 37,000 representing a wide range of nationalities. It consists mainly of beautiful apartments and villas. Mirdif offers economical and reasonable opportunities in real estate. Investing in property by buying apartments for sale in Mirdif is a worthwhile investment.

    Mirdif is located close to Dubai International Airport as well and is only 15 minutes from Downtown, Business Bay and DIFC. Mirdif is also close to Dubai World Trade Center and Dubai Festival City.

    Apartments for Sale in Mirdif

    Location Analysis of Apartments for Sale in Mirdif

    Mirdif has numerous nurseries and schools with GCE, GCSE, IB and A levels curriculum. Some of them are:

    • Emirates British Nursery
    • Small Steps Nursery
    • Super Kids Nursery
    • Learning Land Nursery
    • Mirdif Private School
    • Uptown School
    • Dar Al Marefa
    • Star International School

    Sports and Leisure Facilities in Mirdif

    The residential area of Mirdif has a public park which provides recreation for both children and adults. There are basketball courts, tennis courts and volleyball courts. There is also a long track for walking or jogging, training equipment for people and extensive play equipment for children. The park is open every day for specific hours, 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. On Fridays, Saturdays and other national holidays it remains open for a little longer. The apartments for sale in Mirdif have great residential area and recreational facilities.

    The other recreational facilities include shopping malls and other amusements. Some of them are:

    • Mirdif Golden Gate
    • Pink Mall
    • Lifco
    • West Zone

    The mall has nearly 465 shops, three level parking which can accommodate 7000 cars. It also includes entertainment zone, skydiving center and great bowling area. The mall also has a 10-screen cinema highlighting two VOX GOLD premium screens with VOX GOLD lounge and VOX 4DX sensory experience that includes the first ever “Extreme Screen” cinema in the United Arab Emirates.

    The mall also has a fitness gym which is equipped with the latest equipment and technology. The mall also has great variety of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and fine dining. The mall also has some of the big retailers like Carrefour, Zara, Debenhams and etc.

    Mirdif also has open-air shopping center which attracts people because of its uniqueness. These facilities certainly add value and standard in the lives of people living in Mirdif. It is dream of people to live in such residential area that offers so much variety and it is great opportunity to sale apartment in Mirdif.

    Apartments for sale in Mirdif
    Apartments for sale in Mirdif

    Types of Apartments for Sale in Mirdif

    Mirdif offers variety of apartments suitable to everyone’s needs. As there is diverse population in Dubai so there are variety of apartments to cater needs of every type of population. There are different types of apartments for sale in Mirdif that one can choose according to requirements and fulfilments.

    One can select from cheap studio apartments to luxury penthouses, all depending upon the budget and needs. One can also rent an apartment for short time period to a longer time period. Depending on the preferences one can choose furnished apartment, unfurnished apartment and also according to view from the apartment.

    The facilities differ from building to building and again it depends on the preferences. The basic facilities that all the buildings have are, large windows, airy rooms, attached washroom, kitchen, air conditioning, balcony, maids room, laundry area, nearby grocery shops and medical stores.

    Usually the buildings also have allotted parking area for the residents of the building. In shared apartment or bed space, billing is included in the rent, one does not have to pay bill separately. In one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, studio apartments and penthouses, the renting party has to pay the rent and also take care of bills by themselves.

    Price Trends for Buying Apartments in Mirdif

    The apartments in Mirdif depend on the type of apartment one wants to buy. The price for studio apartments in Mirdif starts from 500000 AED and the price goes up to 650000 AED. The average cover area of studio apartment starts from 438 square feet.

    The price of one-bedroom apartment starts from 700000 AED and the price goes up to 1700000 AED. The average cover area of one-bedroom apartment is usually 900 square feet.

    The price of two-bedroom apartment starts from 1000000 AED and goes up to 1500000 AED depending on the luxury and comfort. As one starts to look for the apartments with more bedrooms, the prices go higher and higher. There are also apartments for sale in Mirdif.

    Apartments for Sale in Mirdif

    Process to buy Apartment in Mirdif

    Following are the steps important to follow if interested in buying an apartment in Mirdif:

    Outlining the requirements

    Before looking to buy an apartment in Mirdif, one must outline or list the requirements that are needed in the apartment, villa or penthouse. The factors to keep in mind while outlining the requirements are types of properties one is interested to buy, furnished or unfurnished property, area per square or other requirements like pool, gym and grocery stores etc.

    Keeping an eye on online property listings in Mirdif

    The other important step is to research a bit on your own to get an idea of the types of properties and prices. There are multiple websites which provide optimized services for people to search for property online to buy apartments in Mirdif.

    One can write the requirements in filters section of the website and the website will give you the results within your requirements. The online portals have all the details regarding the cover area, facilities, prices and nearby stores. The portal also provides details of the property agent one can contact to visit the apartment or to move the process further.

    Narrowing the options

    Once you have listed the requirements and looked online for the options, now it is time to narrow down the options. Now list all the apartments you have really liked and those who fit in your budget. This will help you to save time.

    Visiting the short-listed options

    Once you have narrowed down the type of properties and your budget area, it’s time to visit the apartments. This steps require you to contact the owner or dealer of the particular property and schedule a meeting. At the time of meeting pay attention to the property and closely look the apartment. If you have any queries, then you must ask the owner or the dealer. Also pay close attention to the surroundings and see if there are grocery stores or medical stores near the surrounding.

    Buying an apartment

    If the property is according to your needs and fulfills your requirements, then you can negotiate for the price if there is any room.

    Singing the contract

    Once the price is finalized, now it’s time to sign the contract. The contract is then composed and signed by both parties. The contract lists the numbers of cheques one has to pay. Once you have signed the contract and payment is done, you are the owner of the property.

    Submission of Documents

    Some documents are required to be submitted to a property agent or the owner. The required documents are:

    • Copy of Passport
    • Resident Permit

    Mirdif has many communities like Uptown Mirdif, Shorouq, Mirdif Hills, Ghoroob, Al Badi Complex, and many other. These communities have all the needed facilities including shopping centers, parks, fitness gyms, restaurants, schools, beauty salons, laundries, pharmacies, pet shops, and different sports facilities.

    It’s also in the locality of universal American Schools which encourage one to buy apartments in Mirdif. Mirdif offers spacious, good value accommodation rooms and great facilities. The apartments for sale in Mirdif vary in size and number of rooms depending on one’s preference.