Firstly, your tenancy contract must be registered through Ejari.

Secondly, the filing fee will be 3.5% of the annual rent (cannot be less than AED 500 or exceed AED 20,000) plus 3.5% of the claim amount in addition to administrative fees.

Thirdly, in the event of a judgment in your favour, your landlord will need to reimburse your filing fees.

Finally, two copies of all the below set of documents will need to be presented.

  • Original cheques
  • Description of the claim in Arabic
  • The original lease contract legally translated into Arabic
  • Supporting documents such as electricity bills and email correspondences in Arabic
  • The title deed if the property is located in a freehold zone
  • Information on-premises type and street number
  • Passport copies of the tenant and landlord
  • An authorization to the person in charge to attend
  • Original public notary with the report or registered mail
  • Receipt of payment of 3.5% of the value of the lease

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