The outbreak of COVID-19 witnessed a change in the real estate sector in Dubai. Before the global pandemic, studios and apartments were the top-selling units in the property market. However, the lockdown triggered by coronavirus confined people to their homes. This shifted their focus to bigger and spacious residences and the perks they offer. Consequently, demand for townhouses and villas for sale in Dubai accelerated. Top real estate firms have recorded receiving an increased number of inquiries for bigger and spacious residences in the city.

A lot of people find themselves in a dilemma whether to go for a villa or townhouse when buying a spacious residential property in Dubai. The basic configuration of these residences may seem the same. However, both these types of residential property are quite different in more than one way. 

In this post, you will find an in-depth comparison between both types of residences that will help you make a better decision. Continue reading!

Architectural Design

Villas and townhouses primarily differ with regards to their architectural design. Townhouses are considered to be more contemporary designed while villas are structured following the Roman architecture. The former comes with a terrace while the latter features a private garden.

Having said that, the modern villas also feature state of the art, exhilarating designs that can leave everyone in awe.


Needless to say, villas are more spacious. They cover a larger area as compared to townhouses. Also, they have green space i.e. private gardens surrounding the premises. On the other hand, townhouses aren’t as big as villas. They offer more of a communal lifestyle where each property is located right next to the other having a common wall between them.


Although both these residences are laced with modern facilities and amenities, there’s another major difference between townhouses and villas. Villas surge ahead as they give residents the sole authority over the amenities and facilities available. For example, villa owners don’t have to share the swimming pool with others if it is located on their property. On the other hand, townhouse residents have community pools which are shared by other members of the community as well.


One of the major factors that come into play if you are exploring Dubai real estate market is affordability. Among these two types of property, townhouses are comparatively inexpensive. The major reason, as stated above, is that residents of villas enjoy more luxuries and amenities as compared to townhouses. Also, with villas, there is enhanced privacy as no wall of the living space touches that of the neighboring residence.


Villas and townhouses both generate more ROI but it greatly depends on their location i.e. the community they are located in. Both these properties can be rented to tenants to have a continuous stream of revenue or sold off for profit. The configuration of the property also plays a major role when it comes to generating ROI.

The Takeaway

All in all, the final decision comes down to your requirements and budget specifications. If you are looking for a bigger residence laced with modern amenities, buying a villa is an obvious choice. The luxuries it offers are unparalleled. Dubai is home to numerous communities solely encompassing ultra-luxury villas. They have all the amenities and facilities one can imagine.

On the other hand, you can also find the best townhouses that meet your requirements in numerous neighborhoods across Dubai. These residences are designed to offer a luxurious lifestyle; however, all the amenities associated with villas may not be available to townhouse residents. But at the same time, they are more budget-friendly and feature contemporary designs.

Take all these factors into consideration and make an informed decision that will remain in the best of your interest in the long run.

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