De-stressing after a hectic work week is important for our health and well-being. Luckily, Dubai is full of activities that can help you relax and savour life. Here are our top picks for what you can do this weekend to chill out.

1. Friday brunches
Friday brunches are a bit of a Dubai institution. Does spending about 4 hours eating from a buffet and enjoying a wide drinks selection with friends and family sound good to you? If yes, definitely give this a go.
You’ll find brunches to suit every budget as they range from around AED 150 (per person) to the more extravagant AED 550-700 ones. The quality may vary, but even the more inexpensive ones will offer a gigantic spread of mouth-watering beverages and dishes.brunchDownload food apps like Zomato and Talabat to get the best brunch options in the city.

2. Take to the skies
No, we don’t mean taking a flight abroad for the weekend, although you could do that as well. If you want to get out of the city (and still come back the same day) we would recommend a hot air balloon ride. Or, you could take a sight-seeing flight, some of which take off by seaplane from the Dubai Creek, or take a helicopter tour of the city.
And last, but not the least, take a trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa affords you great views on a clear day.

3. Learn about Dubai’s heritage
Old Dubai (Deira and Bur Dubai) is full of cultural jewels, which give you a deep insight into Dubai’s past. Take a literal trip down memory lane at the Dubai Museum, based in the old ‘Al Fahidi Fort’. Wax figures recreate life before Dubai’s rapid modernisation, while ancient artifacts dating back thousands of years put into context just how old this region truly is.

The Heritage Village and the Bastakiya are also well worth your time. The Village is meant to show the more mundane aspects of UAE traditions, and if you are lucky you will find Emirati ladies cooking traditional local snacks and explore the huts and houses which were the main place of residence. The Heritage also has quite a few interesting museums such as the museum of ancient maps, coins and the museum of Islam. The Bastakiya is just a bit further along the creek from the heritage and constitutes what is widely considered the beginning of Dubai as a city. The area has a very Arabic charm and is perhaps the only area left in the city where you can get a feel of a healthy mix between history and culture. There is quite a few things to explore there, starting from little museums to lots of cool little shops that sell calligraphy, souvenirs and more authentic art.

4. Snack on street food
Dubai is famed for its high-end and world-class restaurants, but the city’s street food is nothing to scoff at. Stepping out in the evenings and finding a small cafeteria is one of those secret ‘local’ things to do. Dubai’s multiculturalism has spawned a distinct type of cafeteria that is only found in the UAE. Loosely based on a mix of Indian, Emirati, western and asian cuisines, it produces a fusion like no other, and one that must absolutely be tried. Be prepared to tackle an eclectic mix of shawarmas, burgers and juice cocktails (with very odd names), and go home satisfied.

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