The whole world has been hit with the pandemic crisis and the UAE is not the only one struggling. Many industries have had to shut down and observe lockdown protocols, thereby, disrupting economic growth. Although a lot of businesses have adopted the culture of working from homes, most B2C businesses still face problems. The coronavirus has managed to reduce the value of global equity markets by more than $20 trillion.

Things were seeming bleak for almost all the industries of the economic sector. However, some of the industries providing the most essential services and production saw enormous growth. Many of the potential downfalls of the COVID-19 lockdown proved to be quite beneficial for some businesses. Most obvious of such examples would be of the pharmaceutical companies and retail stores. Coupled with the feature of home-deliveries, they reached millions of people living in rental properties in UAE. Let’s take a look at some of the industries that continue thriving:

Health Industry:

It’s obvious that the healthcare industries around the world are the most essential in the current circumstances. Their need and sustenance are the demand across the entire world right now. The same is for the millions of pharmaceutical companies across the globe that are continuing their operations.

Governments have issued lockdown protocols for all businesses except for hospital workers, private practitioners, medical counselors, and pharmaceutical stores. Most people have adapted to the demand raised by the public to offer something that can reach their homes. To that effort, many medical experts have started delivery services to provide medical supplies. These supplies are reaching out to not just patients and caretakers in their homes but to private clinics as well. With the massive population moving into the residential properties for sale in UAE, people are preferring places with medical amenities nearby.

Moreover, companies like Okadoc that allow their customers to book doctors instantly through their platform saw massive growth in traffic. They have claimed that this is by far a record-high amount of traffic that they are receiving all across the UAE. In fact, the growth doesn’t seem to slow down and is accelerating with each passing day. The company is doing really well with their clientele and are attempting to start a telemedicine service soon. This will result in great profits as people try to get their virtual consultations with their doctors online.

Tech Gadgets (Drones):

According to the recent market reports, a huge number of developers in uae are investing in Drones. Also, one of the biggest clients for all businesses involved in drone production is the governmental and agricultural departments. Drones that are able to carry 20-220 kg are in use by people around the world to spray pesticides in fields. Taking note of this use, the Chinese government ordered a huge number of drones just to spray disinfectants across cities. Prevention vehicles traveling across infected areas also used these drones to spray disinfectants on themselves and public spaces. Furthermore, the surveillance feature of the drone is in use by the governments who are observing the cities in lockdown. It is crucial for governments to ensure enforcement of the lockdown protocols to decrease the chances of spreading the epidemic. Some of the top countries investing in drones for such purposes are China, Spain, and South Korea.

Additionally, governments across the world have used drones to transfer medical supplies and food rations to quarantine zones. Companies like Antwork are working with pandemic struggles using drones in affected zones to transport supplies.

Online Grocery Stores:

It is inevitable for people to run out of essential items for their living and going outside is equivalent to breaking the law. In such a circumstance, grocery stores and supermarkets like Carrefour Markets have started online delivery services. All across the world and especially in the UAE, online sales have seen such a drastic rise in orders. Companies are hiring thousands of personnel to provide deliveries on time.

Companies and retail stores that are operating online and handling orders from around the country are doing exceptionally well. E-commerce is one of the most thriving businesses in the world during the COVID-19 crisis. Amazon is going to hire almost 100,000 workers to meet the delivery demand across the world.

Given the fact that there are celebrations like Eid and the month of Ramadan prior to it, there’s a demand for online shopping. People will buy anything from bathroom lavatories to apparel and clothing items and even non-essential decorations online. All types of online shopping ventures are seeing a drastic increase in traffic and sales.

Product and Services Delivery:

Services that offer deliveries of all sorts of essential supplies have seen a huge increase in their demands. In the UAE alone, companies like Instashop reported a 53% increase in online orders from across the country. Similarly, another company like Fanni App reported a 30% increase in online sale orders in Saudi Arabia. The same is true for other companies like iMile which is based in Dubai. Furthermore, although Uber and similar taxi services are not in use, their delivery operations are still in demand. Especially those catering to the restaurants and F&B deliveries are witnessing substantial growth in orders.

Remote Working Platforms:

Although social media platforms have seen a significant rise in online engagement and traffic; platforms that are friendly for working environments such as Zoom and Skype have seen the most increase. It is imperative for offices that have adapted to working from home cultures to stay connected. These platforms are proving very useful in retaining communication and organizing business operations remotely. You can have virtual meetings with several colleagues at once, making virtual meeting rooms necessary. Similar apps like DingTalk in China and WeChat Work by Tencent have seen a huge rise in online traffic in the past two months.

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