Dubai is an incredible city, with just the right blend of western and eastern cultural values. And while the city undoubtedly has its charms for men, it’s particularly great if you’re a woman. Here’s why.

It’s safe!
Dubai has an extremely low crime rate, and violent crimes are extremely rare. The UAE has been ranked as the number one country in the world when it comes to safety, with the least amount of crimes related to sexual assault and theft, while a whopping 98.6 per cent of the UAE’s residents feel a sense of safety and security even at night, according to the Ministry of Interior.

A combination of strict laws, cultural values and the general niceness of people in the city means that you can enjoy a late night walk and can wear whatever you like without having to worry at all.

Equality in the workplace
The UAE is a shining beacon of hope, freedom and women’s rights in the region. Women are held in high regard, and enjoy a level of equality seen only in North America and Western Europe. There is great opportunity for career advancement for women, combined with the perks of a tax-free income, making the prospect of working in Dubai even more appealing. Dubai also offers a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

There has been a big push by the government to get even more women into the workplace lately. The Dubai Business Women Council has been empowering women by sharing business opportunities, organizing networking events, encouraging partnerships and providing several opportunities for professional and educational development. Some websites such as the Dubai Women Establishment and the International Business Women’s Group cater to specific sectors such as technology and business, providing support in areas such as career advice, mentoring and socializing.

Dubai is serious about Chivalry!
Arab culture makes it imperative for everyone to be courteous, especially so to women. It’s always nice to have the door held open for you, or having priority in queues at government offices or banks. Special ladies areas, including on the popular Dubai Metro, are much appreciated after a hard day of work.

We would be remiss if we didn’t include one of Dubai’s greatest attractions – SHOPPING! The city is truly a shoppers’ paradise, being home to over 70 malls and the world’s most exciting brands. You can literally spend the entire day in Dubai’s biggest malls – Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. The malls are not just shopping havens but provide exclusive entertainment options for the ladies.

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