We’re all in the same boat when it comes to the lockdown because of the COVID-19 crisis. There are lots of problems that we have pending outside the doors of our homes. But the fact remains that we are locked inside and we can’t do anything about them until we get back out. Although this is a huge crisis for all of us, one can’t help but notice all the free time that we’re getting. So, what should you do in order to make sure that time spent is really productive and entertaining during the lockdown crisis?

Top Ways to Boost Productivity:

 Although many people have very different views on how they define productivity, let’s just discuss some things. Hopefully, many of us will find something that they can do in order to feel productive.


A lot of thoughts keep running through our heads and since it is not easy to get access to a therapist in the current prevailing conditions, writing could help. Writing is not just a hobby to clear out your thoughts. Many people can relate because of their passion for becoming extraordinary writers. Remember the time you read a novel and thought to yourself that you would become a writer yourself? Well, now is the best time to try since you have nothing else to do. Write anything out and show it to your friends and get an honest critique. Don’t give up after the first two tries. Keep going at it and keep reading to write better every day till the end of the lockdown. Who knows who might write the number one bestseller about the COVID-19 crisis?


           Learning an instrument or digital audio processing is one of the most desired skills in the world. Almost everyone in their lifetime wants to be a good player of some instrument or another. This is the best time to order a normal-priced instrument of your liking. You don’t want anything too expensive too soon. Start with baby steps and persist your way through to the point where you can compose your own songs. Believe it or not, it’s one of the best productive activities since it’s self-reinforcing and can bring down stress levels.

Drawing and Sketching:

           Pick up a pencil and start drawing your thoughts out. There are a lot of ways you can express yourself and sketching is one of the world’s best forms of art. People who give up on their artistic skills are often left stressed and psychologically disturbed with daily life struggles. Art is one of the best expressions and treatments one can go for. You don’t need professional lessons that cost a lot. All you need is a rested, curious, determined, and critical mindset that’ll allow you to better yourself. Take a look at some of the best works out there and get the inspiration to do something yourself.


           There are a lot of fields that have designs in them so let’s just say that there are varieties of the world to choose from. You can choose to learn how interior design works. Interior designing can be of houses and offices. Consider taking up one of these interior design degrees from online academies. Or you can try and go for graphic designing that has a different set of worlds inside it as well. Choose the art of animation and go for one of the most demanded skills in the world right now. Even if you don’t have the wish to go professional with something, become an expert artist for yourself. After all, it doesn’t hurt to be great at something most people aren’t.


This isn’t for the housewives who are almost always cooking. This is for all those people who eat someone else’s cooked food. This is time to learn how to take care of yourself while making it tasty. Nobody promises that you’ll become a professional chef but if you start making anything from an omelet today, a week later you might be trying a new kind of pancake recipe. If you wish to take things to another level, do some baking or try your hand at continental cuisine. Although it’s best if you carefully research recipes up and start from something easy.


All those people who never got the time to hit the gym, this is your opportunity to buff it up! Now that there’s nothing else but time and space for you, get the equipment and start lifting! Focus on those muscles that you always wanted to be buffed up. Work on that diet that you never really had the time or energy for. Lose or gain weight by trying out different exercises with consistency and measure your progress to motivate yourself.

Learn a Language:

           Do you remember those days when you wished that you knew that foreign language? Maybe you had a favorite poem or song that you always wanted to know the meaning of. This is the perfect time for you to sit down and take a language course online and practice speaking and writing it. Learn about different cultures and civilizations by looking up various historical backgrounds and facts. This can become a hobby that leads to further historical knowledge. Accumulate enough knowledge about humanity’s past that you get a clear picture of how the world came to be the way it is.


This might not be a long-term activity but it’s nonetheless productive and essential as well. Decluttering means that you take the difficult step in removing all non-essential items from your home. All those decorative pieces and old junk that you keep thinking might come in use later actually won’t. So, it’s best that you throw things away and make space for new stuff. In fact, if you have too much around you, it’s just more liability and more losses. Make some space for yourself in your home and get rid of materialistic and psychologically stressful stuff. Especially the ones that are taking up too much of your space and your mind. 

Plan for Your Future:

You might be one of those people who thought about going to live in a better place. Maybe you had picked out a great area in Dubai for yourself to live. But you never really gave it a thought. Many people leave their dreams of changing their lives because of their daily life that allows them no breaks. Take this time out to look at flats, houses, and apartments for rent in Dubai. Take the step that you always never took because of some preoccupation or another. Log on to Zoom Property right now and take a look at affordable apartments and flats for rent. 

Make the most of your life in this lockdown. This is the vacation you may not have asked for but gotten nonetheless.

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