With the goal to make Dubai the happiest and smartest city in the world, the state has come up with Smart Dubai initiative which will also add value in the UAE real estate sector. One of the most advanced projects undertaken by any administration to work towards an eco-friendly environment. This project is attaining new heights with the lawmaking of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The new law designates the Smart Dubai office as the Smart Dubai department as of 2020. The whole world is looking up to Dubai as one of the smartest players in the battle against climate change. Achieving eco-friendly infrastructures especially in the governmental sector is the department’s main goal. 

What is The Smart Dubai Initiative? 

 Let’s take a look at some of the responsibilities of the Smart Dubai department. Their duties include facilitating the transformation of the city’s governmental departments towards digitalization. To achieve this, they are authorized to formulate plans, strategies, programmes and take up any initiative they need to. They answer to the Executive Council that approves of their policies. They can basically take up any sector of the government departments and work on ways to digitalize and improve on it. The main idea is to eliminate all aspects of physical resources being used to decrease paper usage. The department assesses various businesses and public sector offices to rank them based on their paper usage. There are three ranks as per their criteria:

  1. Small Entities
  2. Medium Entities
  3. Large Entities

Methodologies and Technologies

 The department has focused on using blockchain technology and the latest innovations in the fields of data sciences. This will aid in making sure that everything, from government to citizen dealings (G2C) to intra-governmental dealings (G2G) is done on a digital platform even in UAE real estate sector. You can imagine registering online to let the government know that you have a property for sale and even pay the municipality tax online. The benefits of such a system include decrease in discrepancies and corruption, not to mention the insane amount of time that is saved. Some of the means to achieve this are the DubaiNow app, DubaiNow Portal, Dubai Pulse, the smart assistant Rashid and the UAE pass. Also added to the project are the Happiness Meter and the Smart Supplier. 


DubaiNow app offers access to over 85 city services that include bill payments, NOL, fuel top-ups, property finding and much more. This app has a rating of 3.7 on Apple iStore.

UAE Pass

The UAE pass is the national digital identity and digital signature solution offered by the Smart Dubai department. You can get in touch with almost all the major government entities by using the UAE pass. You can also complete legal transactions by using your legal digital signature. This app has 3.1 rating on android and 4 on Apple iStore. This app can also help in buying or renting a property in Dubai for quick identification.

Dubai Pulse

Similarly, Dubai Pulse offers the city’s data to all its residents and employers to better view the standings of everything and everyone in the city. 

Dubai Careers

 Dubai Careers App allows the residents of the city looking for jobs to connect with the government agencies that can provide them with the opportunities. 

Happiness Meter: 

The happiness meter is the first emotion-measuring engine working on a large scale that factors in the city’s population and their moods to procure results. 

Progress and Further Developments:

 Up till now, almost 14 major entities of the city have joined in the venture and those who have achieved complete paperless infrastructures are awarded the Paperless Stamp by the Department. The entities that have joined in the project are: 

  • RTA
  • Dubai Police
  • DEWA
  • Department of Economic Development
  • Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
  • Department of Land and Property 
  • Dubai Courts
  • Dubai Municipality
  • Dubai Public Prosecution
  • Knowledge and Human Development Authority 
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Community Development Authority and many more are following in the footsteps.

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