The villa life in the UAE promises a luxurious, comfortable, and lavish lifestyle. Many people, every year, hire local movers service to relocate from their homes or apartments to villas to enjoy this luxurious lifestyle. Definitely, the costs are higher but so is the comfort and lavishness.

UAE, over recent years, has witnessed a great spike in the number of private villas available for rent. You can now easily find a villa for rent in Sharjah, Dubai, and other major cities in the UAE. The real struggle is not finding the right villa but relocating your belongings to your new residence. If not planned properly, the excitement of shifting to a villa will go down the drain and it will be replaced by stress and chaos.

If you have already selected a villa for rent and are planning to relocate in it, follow these essential moving hacks. These hacks will help you to have an easy, stress-free moving experience after which you can hire local movers service for relocation.

Have A Moving Kit Ready

This one’s an important tip that must not be neglected! Before the big day, have all your moving day essentials ready in a moving kit. Keep this kit with you when the moving day arrives. This kit should contain some cleaning supplies for your new residence, handy tools to unpack stuff, trash bags, toiletries, and other items.   

Start Planning Early

The key to a hassle-free moving experience is early planning. The sooner you start to plan, the less hectic moving experience will be. So, don’t just wait for the final day to plan the whole process. Instead, take some time out well in advance and start planning the whole relocation process. 

Don’t Rely on DIY Practices

You will find plenty of DIY practices on the internet with the claims to make your relocation process easy and hassle-free. However, not all of them are effective and reliable. As a matter of fact, they can make your moving process tougher and more chaotic. The reason is that not all of us have the experience of handling large objects and small, delicate items in a professional manner. Thus, there are high chances of such objects getting damaged.

Our recommendation here is to let professional movers do their work. Don’t just follow these unreliable practices solely for saving some bucks. You may end up spending more due to the damages caused or losses incurred.

Get Moving Boxes from Convenience Stores

The relocation process can burn a hole in your pockets if not managed properly. There are small steps that you can take to ensure it doesn’t go over-budget. For example, instead of buying packing boxes, try and get them from your local grocery or convenience store around you. They have plenty of flattened cartons, which they can give you for free.

Think Out of the Box

When relocating your home, do not blindly follow tried and tested formulas. Instead, think out of the box. For instance, you can use some idle baskets in your home to pack in some lightweight items. Other than that, you can also garbage bags, clean of course, and stuff them with your clothes.

Pay Extra Attention to Smaller Objects

It is often the smallest things that give us the maximum pleasures. For example, a tantalizing pendant that your grandmother left for you or a souvenir of your partner; these are valuable objects one never wants to lose. However, unfortunately, these are products that have the maximum chances of getting lost, damaged or stolen during the transit. This is why these delicate objects require extra attention. So, instead of packing them with other belongings, keep them with yourself along with the moving kit. Make sure you are transporting all the important stuff on your own to reduce the chances of their damage.  

Label Your Boxes

Don’t forget to label your boxes when packing the stuff. You can also use stickers of different colors for this purpose. Following this practice will make it easy for you to locate the required box when the stuff is being unloaded. You can directly place the box in the designated room/area of your new home. This will ease out the ordeal.

Another effective hack here is to just write a number on every box. Then, maintain a catalog on your smartphone or a notepad. This way, it will be even easier for you to know which box contains which specific items.

Donate Unwanted Stuff

You will be surprised at how many things are lying idle in your home in the cupboards, wardrobe, under the bed, and other such places. Most of these things may be useless for you but before throwing them away, think whether they are donate-able or not. Find a reliable charitable organization or someone you know who is in need of such products and donate this stuff. 

Hire Local Movers & Keep a Record of Expenses

As stated above, moving in the UAE can greatly disturb your budget if you haven’t planned the whole process properly. Other than paying the real estate agent for finding the residential property for rent or ownership, there are many other expenses that get added up in this phase. This includes the payment made to the movers, buying moving supplies, etc. Furthermore, quite often the damages incurred go unaccounted for.

It is always at the culmination of the whole process one realises how much they have spent on the relocation. So, the right advice here is to record every expense as and when it incurs. Use your smartphone for this purpose. Maintaining a record will keep you alert on how much you have spent on moving so that you can control your expenses if you are going over-budget.

You can find various local movers in UAE registered at Zoom Property. Whether you have acquired a villa for rent or an apartment, these hacks are going to prove useful for you.

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