Spacious rooms, your personal swimming pool, and a beautifully manicured lawn having a patio – these are some of the features people look for when buying a new living space. And you’d get them all and much more by selecting a villa in Dubai.

These standalone homes offer an ultra-luxury lifestyle with the added benefit of enhanced privacy. However, if you are a first-time buyer, the entire process of buying a villa in Dubai can prove to be quite overwhelming for you.

To make it easier and hassle-free, we have come up with a detailed guide containing factors to consider when finding your dream home in Dubai.

What to Consider When Finding Your Dream Home in Dubai?

  1. Total Cost

As stated above, villas in Dubai come with many perks, and the lifestyle is ultra-luxury as well. However, all these perks and luxuries come at a price.

So, needless to say, villas in Dubai are expensive. Even though you can find mortgage options to finance your dream home, you still need to be ready to allot a major chunk of your income to instalments.

This is why it is important to budget rationally when buying a villa in Dubai. You should take into account the ACTUAL cost of buying a property in Dubai, not just its face value. For the uninitiated, buying a property entails numerous expenses; such as DEWA charges, DLD fees, service charges, upfront fees, agent’s commission, etc. Furthermore, there’s a maintenance fee as well.

When you account for all these expenses, you’re in a better position to finance your dream home.

  1. Neighbourhood

This one’s important. Your lifestyle vastly depends on the area you have selected.

Even if you have found your dream home in Dubai that perfectly meets your requirement, if it’s located in an underdeveloped area, your experience will be far from being a pleasant one.

With that said, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to the selection of the area. Ideally, it should be closer to your workplace. If you plan to move in with family, the area should be a family-friendly one and must have educational institutes and other basic facilities in proximity. Also, there should be a Metro station or easy access to other means of transport.

If you fancy waterfront living, you can choose from the many waterfront communities in 1. Dubai. Ultimately, it all boils down to your requirements.

  1. Maintenance

Remember that with bigger residences, such as villas, comes the responsibility of maintaining them. You can either hire a maintenance company to do so or pursue DIY methods; it entirely depends on you.

  1. Size

Again, this one’s important. Villas generally tend to cover a larger area; however, you can also find smaller ones with 2 rooms.

Taking the total area covered into consideration is important since it determines the size of the room and the amenities available. However, bigger villas tend to be costlier. So, you need to keep this factor in mind.

  1. Quality of Construction

It can be a hassle to call the maintenance and repair company every once in a while after you have purchased it. Not to mention, it can prove to be an additional burden on your pocket as well.

This issue mostly arrives when the construction quality is poor. Therefore, it’s important to ascertain the quality of property and construction is up to mark. Hiring experts in this regard when finding your dream home can prove to be a viable option.

  1. Amenities

Life in villas is fancied by many because of the extravagant features and amenities they come with. You can have a swimming pool all by yourself. Furthermore, there can be a lawn, BBQ deck, and various other amenities.

Modern villas, in particular, come with added amenities that can further elevate the lifestyle. But remember that the more amenities, the higher the price. So, you need to draw a line where necessary so as to not go over budget and land in troubled waters in the later stages.

Wrap Up

To sum it up, buying a villa in Dubai is a life-changing experience. But it calls for being cautious during the process; otherwise, the process may become a daunting one.

Once you have accounted for all the factors discussed above, visit Zoom Property to check out the latest listings of villas in Dubai. You can also download our smartphone application to browse properties on the go.

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