Dubai Property News Update: Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing metro cities. There’s been an increase of over 500% in the total number of people living in the Emirate in recent decades. There are a lot of reasons as to why people have been moving in rapidly. Mostly, it’s because of the lifestyle that is available in the region. The comfortably sumptuous housing that comes with deluxe amenities surrounded by extravagance attract people from across the globe. Almost everything that anyone needs is available in Dubai for everyone. Additionally, UAE is an almost tax-free country that just has a 5% VAT.

With all the perfect conditions for any and every individual on the planet, why wouldn’t anyone want to move here? Especially when there’s abundant properties for sale and even more properties for rent available for everyone. All you need is a good property finder in UAE to provide you with the list of communities in the UAE that are everyone’s favorite.

Housing Communities in Dubai:

According to the Dubai property news, housing communities in Dubai have been some of the best investments in the world. Some of the top property developers in the world have made high-living with convenience and sumptuosity a reality for everyone. These communities reflect the lavishness of the architectural grandeur that they have. Mixed with state-of-the-art facilitation and provisions available in the accommodations, the housing community doesn’t disappoint. That is why foreigners and real estate investors have trusted the communities to grow and prosper. Here are some of the best communities in Dubai that have shown sporadic and splendid growth over the years.

Palm Jumeirah:

           Palm Jumeirah is one of the most significant landmark communities in the world. It’s one of the larger series of developments called Palm Islands planned for the region. It is an island evenly shaped into a tree that houses the world’s best hotels like Burj Al Arab. When the project began, such a large-scale development received great attention and became a controversy. The fog cleared when the exemplary project reached completion and became one of the fastest-growing communities in the world. Even now Palm Jumeirah remains one of the best places for real estate investment.

           The island has everyone in the world turning their heads to look towards an example of how luxury and splendor mix with life. Jumeirah’s housing project is one of the most critically acclaimed and popular projects that span across 3 communities. Namely, Jumeirah 1,2, and 3 have proved to be great investments offering splendid returns to investors. Each villa can fetch you annual returns of AED 150-250k at least.


           If you talk about housing communities in Dubai, you can’t miss out on the series of villa communities. These projects are the epitome of elegant luxury living. One of these is Mirdif that manages to be the most sought-after villa community in the region. With over 200 villas that each represents posh exorbitant with utilities, resources, and luxuries of all possible kinds. Nearby fitness centers and amenities like restaurants and hospitals along with top-of-the-line retail centers make it an ideal choice to invest or rent in.

           Although different sub-communities have different rental rates, 3-bed villas in the Mirdif housing community can cost starting from AED97k. This has been one of the most preferred choices in the investment markets, making the demand rise through the roof. Therefore, faster developmental plans are in motion to make it better for the upcoming Expo 2020 as well.

The Springs:

           Serenity and voluptuousness come together in The Springs villa community situated near the Emirates Living development. The Springs have 2-4-bedroom villas available in the project that you can buy for AED 1.1 – 3.5 million. Similarly, returns from the investment can be anywhere from 6.3-6.5%. These villas are carefully designed to make everything appealing to every human being. The developers ensured that the community lacks nothing in its attempt to offer everything to every standard of luxury.

           Another great thing about the community is its location. The signature landmark living projects like Meadows Dubai, The Lakes, and the famous Emirates Hill are nearby and share amenities. There may not be a mall in the Springs, but the Springs Souk offers almost everything you can need. Furthermore, Carrefour Markets and Reel Cinemas coupled together with some great restaurants like Shakespeare & Co, Wendy’s, Costa Coffee, and more are available.  

           This makes it one of the most prosperous communities in the 2018-2020 period. Suffice it to say, it’s still a great investment opportunity and an even better place to spend your time in Dubai.


           DAMAC Properties left a mark on the map of Dubai with two master developments. Namely DAMAC Hills and Akoya. Both of these projects have the world’s best facilities and amenities. Akoya has a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods himself. In 2018, DAMAC properties signed a contract with Arabtec to build a total of almost 916 villas in their community, Akoya. As projects near completion, investors are becoming happier with the overall performance of the real estate in the market.

           Akoya is another high-class luxury themed project that aims to appeal to the rich and wealthy. You can’t be in Akoya and not experience the splendor and brilliance of the world’s best luxuries. Top healthcare facilities, shopping centres, and dining hotspots make Akoya a fine choice for living and investing in Dubai. For example, you can get a 3-4-bedroom unit in the Akoya for anywhere around AED 66-85k.

Arabian Ranches:

           Arabian Ranches continues to be one of the top communities in Dubai to have grown in such a short time. Ever since its completion, demand has been at an all-time high to get one of those 4000 properties in the community. With stunning apartments, townhouses and villas that each vary in their layouts and floor plans, buyers get a selection to choose from. Furthermore, the community is easily accessible to the Sheikh Zayed road making it easy to get anywhere in the city.

           Normally you can get a property in the Arabian Ranches in the range of AED 2-5 million. Similarly, properties for rent can cost around AED 140-250k. There are properties in the area that have reached completion while some are on-going developments.

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