The United Arab Emirates is a beacon of culture, heritage and nightlife that revs up the soul. You will also catch more than a glimpse of the modern world once you arrive in the UAE. This is due to the fact that it is a beautiful blend of luxury, voguish residential areas and Mediterranean lifestyle.

While talking about UAE, Dubai is the first place that pops up in mind. As an outcome, the capital city is often overlooked. However, there are many beautiful places and adrenaline-inducing activities in Abu Dhabi that will leave you gaping for a steady breathing flow.

As the oil-rich capital of UAE recovers from the blows of the covid-19 pandemic, the Abu Dhabi property market is now showing signs of steady growth. Hence, it is a good time for investors to put their money in the real estate market and earn a high ROI.

To lead you to a starting point, we have created a list of the most expensive Abu Dhabi residences that are worth your investment.

Abu Dhabi Residences – Standing In Front of The Persian Gulf

The capital city that fronts the Persian Gulf, giving you the feel of the sky above with sand tinkling beneath your feet. Thus, living here has a lot to offer, whether you go off-road to endless dunes or discover the underground world at the National Aquarium.

Now, are you wondering where you can find the most expensive properties for sale in Abu Dhabi and enjoy the royal lifestyle? The Emirate displays an adequate number of Abu Dhabi residences and areas that are unparalleled in prices, design, amenities and location. Let’s see what makes them worth a huge price tag:

1. 6-Bedroom Villa Immersed in the Pool of Luxury

A palatial-based residence is eye-catching, calling you to immerse in the pool of luxury. According to the current Zoom Property listing, this mansion in Hidd Al Saadiyat stretches across 48,500 square feet. It costs a whopping AED 100M.

Villa Immersed in the Pool of Luxury

This magnificent mansion, among other Abu Dhabi residences properties, will give you the feel of living in a palace. It is an extra load of luxury features sitting glamorously on the island to provide you with a beachfront view. Its exclusive architecture includes space for sauna, living room, dining room, storage room, gym and children’s playground, majlis, a park, study, family room, driver’s room and a gigantic swimming pool.

The residents will also have easy access to leisure destinations such as Saadiyat Public Beach, where you can stop by Saadiyat Beach Club if you invest in Abu Dhabi properties.

Moreover, Saadiyat Island is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Abu Dhabi, set in the middle of a beautiful backdrop of pristine sandy beaches and azure waters of the Persian Gulf. It has transformed into a world-class leisure, business, residential and cultural hub. It also houses one of the largest concentrations of premier cultural assets such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi residences. Hence, the expat residents, investors and tenants are more likely to own a property in this ultimate destination.

2. A Desirable Family Home Near Ocean

Among expensive Abu Dhabi properties, a family home established on the coast will always grasp the attention of a big family. Also set in Saadiyat Island, this 6-bedroom villa is going to blow your mind with its voguish interior design. It is suitable for big families due to its spacious size, spread across 37192 square feet. Also, this beautiful mansion costs AED 82M.

Family Home Near Ocean

It features six bedrooms with wardrobes manufactured from high-quality raw materials and six bathrooms. You can enjoy hosting a dinner behind glazed-windows surrounding living and dining rooms. Cooking meals would be no hustle due to efficient home appliances installed priorly in the kitchen. One of the most outstanding facilities is the garage, where you can park your cars and enjoy the sea view.

In addition, it includes the following facilities:

  • Beach access
  • Community parks
  • Breathtaking marina
  • Children’s playground
  • Convenience stores
  • Landscaped garden
  • Mosques
  • Community center
  • Education facilities

3. Luxury Living in an Upgraded Villa

This stunning renovated villa, located in the Marina Village, is one of the most expensive Abu Dhabi properties. Available at the selling price of AED 36M, it is a huge villa spanning over 7922 square feet. It consists of the following special features:

  • Private Marina Berth
  • 5 Bedrooms all ensuite
  • Private swimming Pool
  • External pool room
  • Majlis
  • Dining Room
  • Fitted Kitchen
  • Gymnasium on the 3rd Floor
  • Maids /Drivers Room

Moreover, you can enjoy all the glamour of living in Abu Dhabi properties by purchasing this high-fashioned villa. It is due to the fact that the neighborhood, Marina village, is a modern community offering a posh lifestyle. Al Marsa Street, which is near Emirates Palace and the Abu Dhabi residences Corniche, connects this gorgeous community with other parts of Abu Dhabi. Also, you can have easy access to hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls and other hot spots. So, be quick to gain ownership of this villa before someone gets ahead of you!

4. An Exquisite Villa With A Spacious Basement

This exquisite 7-bedroom villa, spread across 11998 square feet, will cost you AED 30M. It is worth your investment because of the pleasant sea view you will get to cherish in the morning. In case brine water is not your go-to swimming spot, it encapsulates a private pool.

Villa With A Spacious Basement

This villa has exceptional fitting and fixtures among all other Abu Dhabi properties explored above. Warm daylight shines brightly into the open plan living and dining room through modern ceiling-to-floor windows. 

Moreover, its bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and high-quality built-in wardrobes. The kitchen is a closed space that you can fill with the aroma of the food you prepared for your loved ones with sheer devotion. Above all, it comes with a huge basement, promising to shelter you from the heat waves during summers! 

Living in the Hidd Al Saadiyat will give you access to the beach, community parks, convenience stores, yacht club, breathtaking marina and children’s playground. So, you, as a resident, would be living a life of comfort and ease.

Final Words

Whether you intend to buy a property in Abu Dhabi residences or rent it out, choose the one that meets your requirements. Also, you must explore the updated listing of Abu Dhabi properties at Zoom Property to broaden your horizon and make a rational decision.

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