Among the most lucrative cities on the planet, the name of Dubai stays strong. Do you think it’s because of the architectural excellence of the city? Well, that’s no longer the case for drawing new eyes. Presently, it’s the prime destination for everyone seeking affordable housing and profitable investment options.

Having said that, anyone looking forward to joining Dubai’s booming real estate market must get a hold of the city’s laws and regulations. When making your way into the real estate world, you’ll come across Trakheesi Dubai. While it sounds unique, acknowledging it is of pivotal importance.

Before delving into how it works, let’s determine what the term “Trakheesi” means. 

What is Trakheesi Dubai?

Trakheesi Dubai is an online portal operated by Dubai Land Department (DLD). The prime purpose of its existence is to streamline the real estate market in the Emirate. In other words, DLD founded Trakheesi to gift brokers and real estate firms with decent services, including e-cards and licences.  


One of the best things about this system is the data security related to Dubai’s economic Development. It also syncs licensing information from respective firms and offices regarding any modifications in the procedures. Changes can be connected to trade names, licence renewal, and others. Property advertisers must adapt this system to eliminate misinterpretations and fraud. 


Let’s delve further into how registering with Trakheesi can benefit realtors all over the Emirate:

What is a Trakheesi Permit, and Why Do We Need One? 

A Trakheesi permit is a document needed for publishing any property advertisement in Dubai. It’s also necessary to list properties that go live on real estate portals. You must pass through with a permit, whether it’s a billboard, external publicity, or SMS. 

The prime purpose of Trakheesi Dubai is to ensure the legality of property listings. To check if marketing about a specific property in Dubai is legal and leased with authorised permissions. You’ll need a Trakheesi permit to advertise a property on the following channels.

  • Real Estate Marketing stand
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Print advertisements
  • SMS advertisements
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Real Estate Project launch 
  • Real Estate Seminars
  • Billboards 
  • Digital Marketing

The annual fee for every permit is around AED 1020.

What’s the Process to Apply for a Trakheesi Permit? 

Do you know realtors can apply for promotional permits of several kinds through Trakheesi Dubai? It includes licences and e-cards as per the client’s needs and desires.  

The documents needed for real estate advertisements permits are RERA, form A, title deed and an Arabic copy of the form. However, it also relies on the requirement of the service. An agent can also find a list of the paperwork when applying for a permit online. 

Also, the documents required for obtaining the permit depend on the type of permit a realtor needs. Some of the few steps in securing legal licences for real estate marketing are the following:

Step # 1- It requires logging into your Trakheesi Dubai account.

Step # 2- Click on “Trakheesi” in the first menu. It’ll directly lead the user to the Trakheesi Dubai dashboard. 

Step # 3– There are four menus on the Trakheesi Dubai dashboard. Here’s what each one of them gets for you. 

  • Licence: Displays the real estate agency’s DLD licence. 
  • Permit: Showcases the option for a Trakheesi permit. 
  • Warning: Features warning regarding the issues. 
  • Fines & assessment: It serves a clear view of the fines issued to real estate agencies.

While you don’t need other options at the moment, click on “Permit” to get your Trakheesi Dubai permit.  

Step # 4- The permit page has a chart detailing all the previously approved Trakheesi permits. Click on “Add Property”, and a box will appear. It’ll showcase five properties, projects, plots, towers and housing units. 

Choose the right property and fill in the required data. It’s related to the area, building name, land number, unit number and municipality number. Upon adding the building’s name, you’ll see a drop-down checklist displaying a list of properties with similar credentials. Select one, and then click on “Search”.

Step # 5- Once you’re done with the online investigation, click on the “save button” at the bottom of the tab. Trakheesi Dubai usually provides an option of “auto-approval”, meaning the property’s name will instantly pop up at the top of the permit’s page. 

You’ll notice the Trakheesi number under the “Permit” list of the property you’re working on. You’ll receive the permit number within two days if the information is complete. 

Step # 6- It’s the last step of the process. Head over to the draft of your property listing on Portfolio, and add the Trakheesi number. 

How can we apply for a Trakheesi Licence for Real Estate Agents? 

Every real estate company in Dubai must register and obtain a licence. So, if you’re seeking to join a consultancy or agency, you should get a licence beforehand. The system issues and renews various real estate permissions, including Developer, Deed Free Zone, and so on.

Some of the entities to which Trakheesi Dubai is offering licences are 

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Property dealers
  • Leasing and selling brokerages
  • Exhibition organisers
  • Property inspection 
  • Real Estate Management Supervisions
  • Property Valuation Services
  • Self-owned Leasing and Management 
  • Real Estate Representatives

You might be glad to know that the Trakheesi online system has been associated with Dubai Economic Development for uninterrupted communication. The goal of the function is to sync the licence data automatically. So, the user will have a smooth experience with the constantly evolving info at his disposal.

Steps to get a Real Estate Licence via Trakheesi System 

Now that you’ve perceived the licences we need when collaborating with Trakheesi let’s go through the steps you need to follow to get one.  


Step 1- Submit your request for a licence to DED or a Free Zone Authority. 

Step 2- Visit the Trakheesi Dubai website after receiving approval. 

Step 3- Select the “Register” option. 

Step 4– Provide the required documents and fill up the forms. 

Step 5- Print the approval doc. 

Step 6- You have to pay a visit to Free Zone Authorities or the DLD office with the approval form to complete the remaining procedure. 

Step 7- This last step requires you to log in to the official Trakheesi network and update the trade licence number. 


Remember that the fees depend on the type of licence you’ll need for your real estate platform. You can learn more about the documentation and fee structure under “Activity Rules.” 


What’s an E-Card for Real Estate Brokers and How to Get One?

Once you’ve completed the registration process and got a license, you can enjoy several special perks. By owning the E-card, you’ll be conducting various transactions with utmost convenience. Moreover, there’s no need to visit the Dubai Land Department (DLD) when everything’s done online over cash-related conflicts and issues. 


Real Estate workers can also get their Trakheesi Dubai e-cards through the DLD’s online portal. Just log in to your account on the official site, select the required service and fill in the relevant details. To make it easier, we’ve added a list of all the documents you’ll need to issue a Trakheesi E-card. 


  • Passport size photo
  • Copy of the Emirates ID and Valid Passport 
  • Certificate for Real Estate Practitioner
  • Certificate of good conduct from Dubai Police 


Benefits of Using the Trakheesi System

Besides offering seamless services, Trakheesi Dubai looks overwhelmingly impressive due to its association with the government’s database. So, updating your realtor licence on the DLD portal will also showcase you to other databases.


In addition, the system has reduced transaction time from two days to only 5 minutes. You can quickly determine your real estate progress and broker card data online. The system collaborates with the vision of turning all manual services into smart technology. 


Since Trakheesi is issuing classified ads and billboard permits, it’s hard for fraudsters to execute their unlawful missions. All these factors have added considerable credibility to Dubai’s real estate industry. 


Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Dubai has always been cautious about its citizen security and well-being. As Dubai’s real estate industry is already booming, the city aims to preserve the ratio. In this regard, the invention of Trakheesi Dubai is just another addition to this prosperity.

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