There’s no doubt about the fact that Dubai is an expensive city. Many who come here to enjoy tax-free incomes are often confused when their savings are far less than what they thought they would be. Expenses can rack up quite easily in a city like Dubai, with all its temptations and attractions. But saving money can be done without changing your lifestyle too drastically. All it needs is a smart approach and certain tweaks to your lifestyle. Want to know how? Read on.

1. Try an ‘only-essentials month’
Challenge yourself to pay only for the essentials. Bills, groceries and transportation costs should be the only things you spend on this month, making sure you cut out on anything you don’t need. That means no dining out, no shopping and no trips out during the weekend. This savings tactic is intense but effective. Self-control is the key. Not only will it impact your overall savings, not eating out and relying on home-cooked food will also be good for your health. Also, adding public transportation to your routine will not just give your wallet a relief, it is environment-friendly as well (if you’re into that kind of belief).

2. Use an app that tracks how much you spend
It’s the age of the smartphone, and there’s an app for everything, including tracking your spending habits. Apps like Spending Tracker track your money weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on how much help you need with money managing, and produce reports with graphs and charts to help you visualize where your money goes. Some even have ‘budget modes’ so you can set a fixed budget amount to help you meet your spending targets. Once you can see your main areas of spending then you can easily adapt your spending habits.

3. Move out
Rents have been going down lately in Dubai, so it’s a great time to negotiate a rent decrease with your landlord. If it doesn’t work out, consider moving to a new house with a new landlord who is willing to offer lower rents. Do a quick search and you’ll be amazed at what you can get for your money if you’re willing to relocate to a new area. You’ll often find apartments larger than your current one or with better facilities for a much cheaper price. Fore more customized search, visit

4. Compare prices online
There are comparison sites for almost everything these days. From school fees to car insurance policies and telecoms packages, you’ll find a local site that’ll allow you to compare products. Use these sites to your advantage when you’re looking at making a big expenditure, or signing on to a new contract. By doing this, you’ll get a better understanding of what’s available in the market, and you’ll be more likely to find the products which are right for you – and at the right price.

5. Consolidate your debts
Debt consolidation, also known as refinancing, is a loan you take out in order to pay off several other loans, even if they are from different banks. You can combine multiple debts into a single, larger debt usually with more favorable pay-off terms like a lower interest rate, or lower monthly installments. The theory behind consolidating all your debt is that one monthly payment for everything is easier to manage. Plenty of banks in the UAE offer debt consolidation loans, so if you find that you’re struggling to pay off multiple debts, it may worth doing.

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